Monday, January 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I'm having fun adding stuff I find on other sites LOL. Menu planning is something I've been doing awhile, it helps keep foods from going bad in the fridge (or at least lessens the food that goes bad in the fridge LOL) and makes it easier to make a grocery list. At the moment I'm mostly "shopping" in my freezer & pantry, but checking the weekly ad sheets in conjunction with menu planning works well too (plan meals around what's on sale each week).

I generally don't manage to follow my "plan" exactly . . . well, EVER! If dh works late I'll often do something quick & easy for the girls & I, or something he doesn't like. Randomly we'll have a night where dh makes mushroom soup for the girls & himself (I can't abide mushrooms and prefer to not even fix the soup, so it's a special Daddy/daughter thing LOL). . . . Weekends I don't even try to plan since I never know if we'll end up doing things w/ grandparents & such. IF we're home I figure out something to feed us LOL.

But, here's the plan at least, for this week:

Monday: Broccoli stir fry over brown rice
Tuesday: Calzones (something I've been wanting to try, I have a pizza crust recipe we like, so just a matter of making it & folding it over w/ stuff inside instead of leaving it flat LOL)
Wednesday: Choplets & Green Beans
Thursday: Quesadillas, using homemade tortillas & whatever else catches our fancy.
Friday: Potato Soup (I found a mix in my pantry, gonna see what we think of it LOL)

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