Saturday, January 26, 2008

This Week's Homeschool Wrap-Up

The girls were excited to get to paint again, not so excited to just do a graduated wash instead of free painting, but L thought it was pretty cool once she figured out that gradually adding water to the paint was gradually lightening the color.

I already gave my review of Charlier Parker Played Be Bop.

L finally finished her Adam & Eve lapbook this week. Just in time, this was our last week of the creation story for Sabbath School, now we're starting on Noah's Ark.

"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" was still over their head, though they enjoyed using blocks to make the horse hoof sounds.

I'm a wimp, so we haven't done our night time nature walk while it's SOOOO cold out. We're waiting for (hopefully) slightly higher temperatures before the end of the unit LOL. Until then I at least want the relative warmth of the sun for our outside time LOL.

The girls continue to enjoy Kindermusik. This week they started learning to properly hold the mallets for their glockenspiel and brought the mallets home to practice this next week.

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