Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quiet Week

I've been quiet this week, and we haven't done much homeschooling either, not sure why . . . it's just a quiet week somehow . . .

A few odds & ends:

Did I already mention this? I don't think so, but too lazy to read back through to see . . . last week when I was driving somewhere the girls would. not. agree. on. anything! One wanted music on, the other didn't. One wanted to listen to a story on CD, the other didn't. One was hot & one was cold . . . URGH!!! It was at this point that we had the following conversation (and no, during exchanges like this I don't bother to remember which kid said what):

me: WHY can't you guys agree on ANYTHING?!?!?!
A or L: because we're twins
me: but if you're twins, doesn't that mean you should think the SAME?
A or L: no, we choose different things so people will know we're really different!

I was amused :)

The girls have fully and completely moved into their own bathroom, sniff sniff. Out of convenience we've always pretty much just used the master bathroom upstairs, it's bigger, it's just always seemed easier to have them take baths (after all who wouldn't prefer the garden tub to a regular bathtub LOL), brush their teeth, etc. in our bathroom. So, the hall bath has never really been used except when both kids needed to potty at the same time (and to hang things to dry in occasionally). Awhile back (couple months maybe?) L decided she wanted to potty & brush her teeth at bedtime in the "Mickey bathroom" (can you guess the decor theme of our hall bath?), more recently she decided she wanted to take her baths in the Mickey bathroom as well. And over the last week or two, A's moved her toothbrush & towel & bath toys into the Mickey bathroom as well. So all the "kid stuff" is officially out of the master bathroom. Sometimes I wish the people who "warned" me that letting my babies sleep in my bed would mean I'd "never get rid of them" had at least been a little bit right LOL.

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