Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was too lazy to hunt down the camera, but it's been snowing since about 10:00 this morning. Based on the weather reports (& winter weather advisory) we opted to not drive over the mountains (yes, east coast mountains, but they still tend to be icy w/ ANY snow) to the Kinder Konzert today.

So instead we stayed home and listed to the Peter & the Wolf CD (& book) I'd gotten from the library. I think the one I got was this one (cover's different though, so I can't swear to it). And then also a picture book of Peter & the Wolf. The CD did a good job of narrating between each part so that the kids could "follow" the story. And they seemed to enjoy it. The each chose an instrument (flute & drum, since those are instruments we have) to "play along" as well.

Then once it had been snowing long enough for it to be fun (& for me to need to shovel) we went outside for awhile. Not great sledding, but it packed well so they had fun making a "snow farm" (I was a bad mom & didn't inspect their handiwork) and I helped A make a small snowman, but the neighbor's 2 yr old knocked it down.

Then we went on our listening walk, which of course was rather snow themed. and the main thing we could hear was the snowpants & boots as we walked. We also tried to feed the ducks that were all nicely congregated near the bridge when we first walked over there, but by the time we came back w/ the stale bread I'd been wanting to get rid of, they'd moved upstream. The girls didn't seem to care that there weren't any ducks right there though, so we went ahead & threw some of it into the water for them to find later. L also gave me quite the lesson on ducks (A hadn't joined us yet) apparently she'd just watched an episode of Stanley that was about ducks, so she could tell me that the "bright" ones were the males (they were mallards) and that they had web feet so they could swim and such.

The girls also somehow think that throwing snowballs at mommy is great fun, sigh . . . at least they're not very good shots yet & it's mostly just handfuls of snow, not hard snowballs.

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