Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SUCH a Diva!!

This past weekend one of the straps on L's Crocs (shoes) broke. I can't really complain since they have been the shoes she's worn every day since the beginning of the summer. BUT that left her with only a pair of tie sneakers as her everyday/play shoes and since we have a no-shoe policy in the house, and since she CAN tie shoes but is slow at it, I figured getting her another pair of slip-on or velcro shoes would be a good thing. Plus in general, I prefer to have 2 pair of shoes for each kid in case one gets broken or whatever. SO . . . we checked Walmart & another store (Weaver's) today.
Now granted, the one pair she was willing to consider, they didn't have in her size, so we're going to check the other walmart tomorrow but still . . . they were "too loose" or "kinda tight" or "just not me!" (that was the problem with most of them). What a diva!! Fingers crossed that our other Walmart has the shoes she DOES like in her size LOL.

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