Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homeschool Wrap-Up

For obvious reasons, school has taken abit of a back burner these last couple weeks.

Of course, on the other hand, it's been a very EDUCATIONAL couple of weeks for the girls. They were with me throughout labor & delivery of Little Bit (I called her that off & on in utero, and it has kind of stuck, abit of irony since at 1 week, she was 9 lbs and her sisters were in the 11lb range at 3 months, but it makes as good a blog nickname as any, since her IRL nickname starts with L, same as big sister). Jen, our awesome midwife continued to answer their questions and keep them involved. DH laughed that even while she was coaching me to push Little Bit out, she was explaining it all to the girls. Since Little Bit has been home, they've learned about exciting things like Snappis and the umbilical cord stump and that babies nurse a LOT and holding babies CAREFULLY and . . . the list is endless.

Last weekend when Papa was here and the weather was nice they rediscovered their bats & balls, and learned abit of softball, and coerced Mama into pitching to them off and on during the week too.

Perhaps the "hit" of the birthday celebration last weekend was that, in wrapping the gifts, Mama emptied a couple wrapping paper rolls. The girls have spent countless hours turning those cardboard tubes into horses (and in L's case it is a horse/flag combo I think), and turning boxes into "carriages" to pull behind the horses . . .

We also pulled out the playdoh to entertain them on a rainy day & that has provided countless hours of entertainment as well, complete with spending most of Friday preparing "food" and otherwise planning for a "wedding" that took place that evening (A married "Luke", L played the roll of bridesmaid AND pastor, with a brief moment filling in for Luke when it came time to kiss the bride).

The girls also made t-shirts for Little Bit, which turned out very nicely. I have to say, the "artisic" thought that went into these, vs the "Big Sister" shirts they made last summer shows alot of growth on their part. Little Bit's wearing the shirt L made today so if she's ever not nursing I'll try to get a picture :).

For "bedtime" reading we're taking a break from the Anne of Green Gables series to read the Josephina American Girl books (since that's about where we are in history), Mama's willing to read longer than Mommy is, and if they didn't finish the series last week, they're most of the way through the last book anyway, which reminds me, I should go get the next Anne book from the library today.

Guess that's about it. We're going to TRY to get back into abit more of the chore/school routine this week before we're on our own w/o Mama. We'll see how it goes.

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shopannies said...

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