Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Week

We've survived our first week as a family of 5 without my mom here to help.

Overall, it went well. We managed to "do school" at least a couple days (3, I think). We kept up with laundry, including diapers. We ate mostly leftovers or dh's cooking, but we ate, and I kept up with dishes for the most part.

Little Bit continues to have fussy periods where she won't nurse or sleep or . . . anything (appears to be gas, poor baby). But we've managed to adapt as needed. The night I knew dh would be gone at the girls' bedtime, I read them "bedtime stories" in the afternoon and told them that if she wasn't fussy at bedtime we'd do more stories, otherwise they could watch an extra tv show at "storytime" (she wasn't fussy, but they still chose the tv show LOL).

The big girls continue to enjoy holding her. So I use those times to get dishes & laundry & such done. She's also somtimes happy to just hang out on a blanket on the floor, especially if her sisters will sit next to her & "talk" to her.

I find it absolutely amazing that she will randomly fall asleep being held (but not nursed) or just laying on the floor. I don't remember the big girls EVER doing that!) .

We also began part time Elimination Communication. I found the book, Diaper Free most helpful in figuring it all out. We aren't attempting it full time, but we are managing to "catch" some pees/poos each day, which is pretty cool. The big girls are less than thrilled with it because they like to help change diapers, but oh well . . .

In school, we're continuing to study the Prov 31 Woman for Bible. There are some rough patches, talkative L didn't like hearing that God wants us to listen more than we talk this week (we were learning about being an Attentive Woman). But we're working through things.

The history book this week wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped, so we only read it one day. We also only managed to do one day of science this week, making a nerve necklace. But that's ok.

We had some lovely spring weather that's sent the big girls outside to play quite abit too, woo-hoo!

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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

The photos of big sister love are so sweet! How funny that they are upset about missing diaper changes!