Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Happened to Spring?

We seem to have skipped spring :o( Earlier this week it was in the 40's & 50's, and yesterday & today have been in the 90's!!! I am not amused! Though warm is nice, wasn't anywhere near ready for HOT yet thankyouverymuch!

Let's see . . . school . . . didn't really happen this week. We did Bible & Science on Monday (couldn't do history because we needed to go to the library to get our next book), and that was all that happened this week. Lots of not great nights for Lina and me, quite abit of acting out from the big girls . . . it was just an "off" week. Doubt we'll do too much this week either since the girls & I are leaving Thurs am to go to my parents (and dh will join us for HVA's (our high school) alumni weekend).

We DID start making our Ruby Dolls as part of Bible. I'd gotten the pattern before we started our study of Prov 31, but since we have lots of craft supplies around here, I bought just the pattern & figured I could use stuff we already had, and it took me till now to actually pull together all the pieces to start making it. Needless to say, the girls are thrilled with this new craft project LOL.

Today I finally got around to attempting a back carry with Little Bit. Since I only had ring slings & pouches when the big girls were tiny, this was my first time actually wearing a baby (under 9mo, which is when I got my Kozy for the big girls) on my back. Picture is horrible since I took it myself, but at least I documented it LOL. Put her on my back & went to put the laundry in and she was sound asleep by the time the laundry was going LOL. So I took advantage of having her on my back & unloaded some bulkier stuff from the back of the car (kept putting it off since it would be hard to do w/ her in a carrier on my front).

And then took her off my back & she kept sleeping for a little while, all snuggled up in the wrap on the floor. Awww . . .

The other thing for this week is that we are starting an allowance for the big girls, starting today. We'd planned to start when they turned 6, but were abit distracted right on/near their birthday, so we're finally getting around to it. We told them about it on Friday, they are very excited :) They will each receive $3 per week ($0.50 per year). Of that, they will pay tithe (10%), and also save some to be used for charity (once it's accumulated enough to do anything with). And divide the rest between savings & spending. Interestingly, when we told them about it, they seemed the most excited/intrigued by the charity aspect of it. They have big plans for their "charity money" LOL. When I go to the grocery store this afternoon I'll be getting some small cartons of milk or cream (or something) to use to make bank "houses" for them to save the various categories into.

And finally, Little Bit is ONE MONTH OLD today!! How did that happen? She's such a sweetie! More laid back than her sisters most of the time. Will just lay on a blanket and "talk". Has lots of smiles that I am convinced are not just gas (if so, it's very coincidental gas, since she regularly smiles right at her sisters or daddy or me). But she still has periods of gas pain when she just screams and nothing helps :o( I'm really hoping that she will outgrow that soon.

She makes the same "bird girl" face that A used to make. It's so fun to see that cute little face again! Though A alternates between thinking it's very cool that Little Bit does something like her & insisting that SHE is the only Bird Girl and we are not to call Little Bit that. L is jealous that she's the only non-bird girl LOL.

I dug around & found some of the newborn/early pictures of the big girls (which unfortunately aren't online at the moment). I find it absolutely fascinating that looking at the pictures, Little Bit looks like A, but not L (but we're not advertising that fact since I have a feeling it would upset L). What's fascinating about that is, of course, that I couldn't tell A&L apart as babies but now looking at their pictures they look nothing alike to me LOL.

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Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Very cool sling! I had a pouch sling I LOVED but I never had one I could carry them on my back. I would imagine that would enable you to have much more freedom with your arms and hands to get things done.
Enjoy your time with your family!
I loved the pictures of the twins when they were little. It all flies by so fast doesn't it!