Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Wrap-Up

We had a good week this past week. Did at least a little school most days, got somewhat back into the groove of using our chore clips . . . girls spent time outside . . . made cookies with Mama . . .

With Little Bit's cord no longer a concern, the girls have also started "helping" to change diapers. I'll admit to sometimes waiting till they're out of the room because it's so much easier to just do it myself LOL, but they don't do too bad and they're proud of themselves for helping.

I'm feeling much more "normal" now than I was a week (or even half a week) ago. Feeling like I can at least physically get back in gear for laundry, cleaning, cooking . . . etc. Though it remains to be seen how Little Bit does hanging out in the sling through all of that. My concern is that so far she sleeps whenever she's in a sling, and if she sleeps all day she's awake at night. So we'll have to figure out to schedule our days such that she's awake some of the time, which might mean scheduling time when she's out of the sling.

We got a new recliner this week too. We'd had an old one we'd gotten (hand-me-down) from MIL when we got married but a few months ago the footrest on it broke, so while it worked as a chair, not so much as a recliner. With Little Bit's sleep and latch being such as it is right now (I need to try side-lying again, but at least last week, she didn't do well with it, so I've been sleeping on the sofa so I'm near the glider for nursing), I commented to dh that a recliner would make some nights (when even the jostling of moving from the glider to the sofa wakes Little Bit back up (WHY is that, when during the day she blissfully sleeps through kids running through here screaming &/or kids holding her and jiggling her around?) easier, and since he's been wanting a new recliner anyway, it didn't take much arm twisting LOL. We found one we liked, at a price that didn't seem too bad, at Sam's, so dh & my dad went & picked it up on Friday. Little Bit & I tested it for napping yesterday, it works well LOL.

Mom & Dad did an easter egg hunt for the girls yesterday. They hid something like 60 eggs (some hard boiled, most plastic) all over our front yard. The girls had a blast & A was sad that she'd have to wait a whole year to do it again (we suggested that we could re-hide empty plastic eggs, but she didn't think that sounded like as much fun LOL).

Dad put the cosleeper up this weekend, and I got sheets on it last night. So Little Bit now officially has a bed. Of course, I put the tinkerbell sheets on it (since when I got them, A was very adament that she does NOT like tinkerbell (when I was ordering them, my choices were purple w/ tinkrbell or pink w/ Belle/Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty. I figured since the princess sheets didn't have Ariel anyway, A would like the tinkerbell ones better since they're her color, I was wrong) and we ended up getting her "snowflake" sheets instead, which is what she's used all winter. So . . . I figured this worked well, the tinkerbell sheets could be Little Bit's. But I was wrong again. A still considers the tinkerbell sheets hers, sigh. . . there are other solid color twin sheets in the cedar chest (where I store extra linens) so not a big deal to switch them, but caused abit of turmoil last night a bedtime when A saw the bed for the first time. She did agree that I could wait & change the sheets today, not do it last night. But other than that drama, I think the cosleeper will work out well. A is also sad because it's not exactly like the "white bed" that was her & L's co-sleeper (since we had a bigger bedroom in the old house, the cosleeper wasn't against a wall so it had it's own walls on 3 sides. This room is small enough that we're using the wall of the room as the main wall, and after having used the other co-sleeper I decided a wall at the foot isn't necessary, so this one only has a wall at the head of the bed. I think she felt a little better about it when I pointed out that, while it doesn't look the same, it DOES use the same wood as the white bed did, and the same matress (the "white bed" was so-named because it had a white sheet on it, but I'm not sure that sheet came w/ us, it might be in the box of extra linens at mom & dad's, not sure if A would think it was good or bad if I used "her" white bed sheet on Lina's bed anyway . . . sigh . . .

I did point out that as long as Little Bit's not sleeping on it (which isn't likely during the day, at least at this point, I'm more likely to just put her on a blanket on the floor or in the bouncy seat if she's napping not on me) A (or L, but A's more likely to want it) can use Little Bit's bed as a place to go when she's upset, and dh pointed out that even though there are bins of clothes under the bed, A can probably squeeze in beside them & use that as an alone place too. So A liked that, plus I got "her bench" (the cedar chest in the corner of our room) cleared off finally, so she has that option back as well.

Mom & Dad left yesterday afternoon, so now we're on our own. A had several mini-meltdowns throughout the day in anticipation of Mama leaving, but did ok when they actually left. And was sad, but not "melt-downy-y" at bedtime. L commented that "I've never gone to sleep without Mama here when I'm 6" but otherwise was ok with it.

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