Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Bit

Little Bit is 10 days old already! How did that happen? While she certainly spends the majority of her days (and a good part of her nights) nursing and sleeping (and often both at the same time) she's having definite awake periods too. She's so alert and I SWEAR there are times when she really does smile (as opposed to gas) just seems abit too coincidental when she looks right AT her sisters or me and smiles then goes back to a more placid look. But who knows . . .

The shirt she's wearing in the picture is the one L made for her. My parents took L & A to their house after church yesterday & are bringing them (and my mom, for another week) back sometime today, so I decided to surprise L and have Little Bit be wearing her shirt.

I took her in the shower with me this morning for the first time (had to wait for her cord to fall off (which it did, Thursday, when she was exactly a week old), and then with the big girls wanting to hold her & such, just hadn't bothered. Plus w/ still trying to do baths once a day or so (to help w/ the post partum healing) I've been doing more baths than showers anyway, but this morning I was home alone with her, and figured she could use a bath/shower too, so thought we'd give the water wrap a try). She fussed when we first got in, but then cuddled down in the wrap & went back to sleep, didn't even fuss when I took her out of the wrap to wash all her nooks & crannies LOL. She also seemed to like laying nakey on a towel in the nice warm bathroom (we have a built in heater in the bathroom so it gets nice & toasty warm in there when we turn that on) while I got dressed.

Pictures of her are here.

My pregnancy journal is here.


Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

What a cutie! I loved the idea of a water wrap but never had one. I did love to take baths with my babies. They loved it as much as I did!

shopannies said...

such a sweet looking little one
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