Saturday, July 11, 2009


This was taken a month or more ago, I'd forgotten to download it off the camera. A wanted to try wearing Little Bit in a wrap, but Little Bit wasn't so sure about it, so I told A to go walk outside (both because Little Bit likes to be outside, it generally calms her, AND because I figured there's less for A to bonk Little Bit's head on out there than in the house LOL). I'm not sure how long we were out there but as long as A kept walking, and singing, Little Bit was content, and A was so proud of herself LOL.
Happy 4th of July! The shirts I had for A&L as babies still fit Little Bit (though only because they were onesies and I had mom convert one of them into a shirt (w/ wool covers I've found I prefer shirts to onesies, the tight onesie compressing the wool cover can lead to some dampness, AND not having to snap/unsnap the onesie makes diaper changes a few seconds easier, yes I'm THAT lazy LOL), I don't think a 3-6mo onesie would still fit her, in length, but mom kept the onesies-to-shirt conversions as long as she could make them, so they're still fitting. But the big girls liked the idea of having shirts the same as Little Bit, so we went to Old Navy & got them all new shirts for this year. L wanted pink (of course) but the baby sizes didn't come in pink (or they were out?) and A wanted one JUST like Little Bit's so, A & Little Bit had red & L had pink.
Little Bit's first tub bath. I generally just shower her with me, but decided to give her a quick wash while L was taking her bath last night.

All wrapped up in the (wonderfully cushy) hooded towel a church member made for her. Since L got to hold her for the tub picture, A had to pose with her for the towel picture LOL.

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Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

How cute! They look so happy to have a little sister!