Friday, July 24, 2009

Update on Little Bit

Little Bit is growing up much too fast!! Next week she will be 4 mo old (and has a check-up so we'll find out weight & such then). In the last couple of weeks she has:

  • Started sitting. Not for very long, though I think it's more that she wants to get on her tummy so leans forward till she topples to her tummy, I think if she WANTED to sit she could do it. She sat for quite awhile on the kitchen island at my parents' house when her sisters were sitting across the island from her, so she was "talking" to them.
  • Can pick things up and bring them to her mouth (toys). The hanging toys on the playmat when from wonderful entertainment to horribly frustrating, so we added more rings so now the toys hang low enough she can catch them and chew on them.
  • She "talks" all the time. I desperately need to get some video of it (if only I knew how to work the video camera LOL), it's soo cute!
  • I've become more & more convinced that she says "hi". It's not clear but it's a certain inflection and such that DOES sound a little bit like hi, and she consistently says it when she sees someone. Mom's starting to agree with me too LOL.

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