Sunday, July 5, 2009

School for '09-'10

We've been reading the Little House books for bedtime stories for the last while (we're currently partway through By the Shores of Silver Lake, but we skipped Farmer Boy (it seems confusing to me to read it in the middle of all the others, we'll go back and read it once we've finished the rest of the series and know who Almanzo is!) and the girls are LOVING them. A few years ago I heard about The Prairie Primer and ever since I figured we'd use it at some point. It's geared for 3rd grade & up, but I figure we can use it now, skipping things that are beyond them, and then re-use it in a few years when they're older, and Little Bit's old enough to be somewhat interested in it (ideally in a few years I'd like to incorporate traveling to some or all of the places Laura writes about, but we shall see . . .).

So that's the main plan for next year. I'm currently watching ebay for the best deal. We'll also continue using Polished Cornerstones for Bible (though there is also Bible included in Prairie Primer, but I am assuming it will be very different so won't seem like duplication to include both.

Obviously if the girls express an interest in some other topic and want to pursue it in addition to the above, we can always do that (or even take a break from Prairie Primer to do something else if they prefer), but for planning purposes, I think that about covers it. I also recently discovered this site that has printable monthly calendars of "PE" type ideas. Most of the time the girls are good at coming up with their own active/outdoor activities, but I figure this is a good thing to print out & keep in our notebook for if/when we need inspiration.

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