Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This week is VBS. I asked the girls, ahead of time, if, since they didn't need me with them at Campmeeting this summer, that meant I didn't need to go with them to VBS either, but A informed me that "it's loud at VBS anyway, it won't matter if Little Bit cries" LOL.

When we were registering them, Starla (who works at hubby's office and A&L adore her!) came by so they were able to find out which group she was working with, and get in that group. Which means they stick close to Starla and pretty much ignore me LOL. After Monday night I asked them if I could at least stay inside when they went outside for games tonight, and they agreed to that. So I stayed in the nice air-conditioned gym while they went out & ran relay races and such LOL.

When we left tonight, A told me "tomorrow night you can stay in the gym the whole time, we didn't really notice you anyway". And also said that MAYBE by the next night I could just drop them off, so we shall see . . . I'm taking my knitting and a blanket for Little Bit to play on tomorrow night & we'll see how it all goes.

So, everything is going well. The girls are enjoying crafts, and even ok with the helpers actually helping them (apparently at campmeeting they were still afraid to ask for help with the crafts and just waited until I got there since crafts were the last thing). They still don't want to participate in Bible time, but I think a big part of that is just to give Mr E (the Bible room guy) a hard time. He teases them and they tease him back by refusing to speak to him. But L did answer a question tonight, and got candy for it, so perhaps now that they know they get candy for answering questions they'll decide candy's more fun than teasing Mr. E, we shall see . . .

Little Bit's not entirely thrilled with it all. She's used to people "talking" to her, and the kids obviously don't care about a baby and a the adults are too busy keeping track of the kids. So she's getting less attention than she's used to and it's evening when she tends to be abit fussier and more inclined to cluster nurse anyway, so she's doing ok, but, as A mentioned tonight "she probably liked campmeeting better because more people talked to her". And having to get back in the carseat and ride home at 8:30 every night is NOT her idea of a good time LOL.

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