Sunday, June 13, 2010

Campmeeting Day 1

Trying to do better about actually blogging instead of just posting a few pictures on facebook. So . . . Campmeeting started Friday night, but only A2 and Daddy went that night (no meetings, and too late a night, for Little Bit. And A1 had some behavior issues that afternoon that earned her the privilege of an evening at home), so for most of us, campmeeting started yesterday.

When we got there, the big girls wanted me to walk them to their meeting, even though A2 had been there last night and knew where to go. On the way over, I suggested that they could come meet us in the main building after their meeting and didn't need me to come pick them up. A2 not only agreed, but informed me with great indignation that "Daddy got me a RED tag last night and that means someone has to pick me up and I don't WANT you to pick me up!!!" However, A1 insisted that I come pick her up. So . . . after assuring A2 that I could, and would, get her tag changed to blue (because this age range is going to include some parents wanting to pick up their kids and some parents not, they devised a system of giving children red tags if they are to stay after the meeting until a parent picks them up, and blue tags if they are free to leave on their own after meetings), I suggested that A2 could leave on her own after hte meeting and then I could come pick A1 up. Once that suggestion was made, and agreed to by A2, A1 grudgingly said that "I guess I can just come to Locating with A2". By evening meeting, they were perfectly happy to run off to meeting on their own LOL.

After church, our church had pre-planned to meet for a potluck picnic, so we went to that. A friend had brought a small camp chair for their son, and Little Bit LOVED climbing in & out of it.

The afternoon program for Primary (the big girls' age group) was a "Raptor Show" presented by Hawk Mountain. She told the kids about a variety of birds of prey, then showed them a red tailed hawk and owl.

The big girls seemed to find it interesting

After the afternoon program, we enjoyed visiting with some friends from Maryland who came up for the first half of the week, and then the big girls headed to their evening meeting and I brought Little Bit home.

Today's schedule is abit different, there aren't morning meetings. There is SUPPOSED to be a waterslide for the kids this afternoon, which I thought was going to work out nicely. Hubby has a seminar he is involved with this afternoon so I figured the big girls could ride up with him and go to the waterslide while he was in the seminar & Little Bit and I would stay home. BUT . . . the current hourly forecast shows a 95% chance of thunderstorms at the time the waterslide is supposed to start, so I think I WILL go up there so the girls have someone to watch them if the waterslide doesn't happen. So, on that note, I need to hurry to get laundry, etc done this morning before we go up for the afternoon.

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Tonya said...

Love the idea of red and blue tags for age appropriateness. I will have to pass that info along to our Children's Ministry Director for the upcoming Prayer Summit.
Hope you all have a nice time at campmeeting.
I found your blog via AHE.
Thanks for sharing.