Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Week!

I'm trying to get back to doing a weekly update each weekend. So . . .

This past week was pretty quiet. I LIKE quiet weeks!

Monday we came home from my parents' house. Tuesday the big girls went with Daddy to visit Grandmom and Little Bit and I ran some errands, caught up on some stuff around here, and did lots of snuggling, she was pretty fussy, I thought it was teething but she's been fine since then and no sign of new teeth (though her gums were swollen that day so I think the teeth WILL be coming sometime soon, we shall see).

Wedneday-Friday we worked on getting back into our "normal" routine after campmeeting and all.

Of some importance, we finished up Prairie Primer!! This was our main unit study this whole past school year, so it feels good to be done (I like checking things off the list LOL). We had finished listening to the books (on mp3) while driving to/from campmeeting, so last week we just did the last little bit of fun stuff & discussions and such. It was a good unit, I look forward to "revisiting" it when the girls are older and can do more independently (and/or I can do more of it w/ them w/o a baby/toddler) so we can do more with the crafts/handwork and cooking and such. But I'm glad we did it this way, we had a good, laid back year doing it this year and can re-use all the books and such when we re-visit it when they are 5th grade (give or take) and Little Bit is old enough to enjoy the stories and some of the cooking and such.

Our other project was getting the girls' room clean/toddler-proof. We've had their small piece toys (play food/kitchen, etc) in baskets for years, BUT that doesn't work so well with a toddler around since emptying baskets is her favorite pastime. So, we got some plastic containers w/ lids that latch on. And got everything put into those boxes and generally cleaned up the room. So now Little Bit can go in there w/o the whole room being a choking hazard AND w/o destroying hte room. Our tentative thought is that in a few months she might be ready to move to a mattress on the floor in there, she loves doing all things "like big sisters" so I think with a little bit better comprehension, she'll like the idea of sleeping in the same room as them. We do need to secure the bookshelves to the walls (or loft frame) before it's safe for her to SLEEP in there, but we got alot closer to that point today. My other hope is, that now that their room is ok for her to be in, we'll be able to take a little time each day that she can play with them in there while I work on other projects, like the disaster that is OUR bedroom. We shall see . . .


Tristan said...

Wow! Congratulations on making it all the way through the Prairie Primer! That has always looked like a fun unit to do as a family.

Good luck on the baby/toddler proofing. We're still trying to convince the toddler (age 2.5)that he needs to keep little things picked up from the younger toddler (age 16mos).

Sweetpeas said...

Tristan, you totally should do it!! (but "budget" 2 years for it, I think I will next time, there's easily 3+ hrs of "school time" per day in there, and we are way too eclectic to JUST do that and ignore everything else!

Yes, at least my older 2 are old enough to understand (sort of) the concept of keeping things picked up, so hopefully now that we have a "system" in place things will go smoother (we did purposely decide that Legos are a "grandparents' house" toy for the time being to avoid all those tiny pieces in this house LOL).