Saturday, June 26, 2010

Setting Sail!!!!

It's official! (actually it's been official for a couple weeks now, but they've been a busy couple of weeks). I was chosen to be a part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's (TOS) "Homeschool Crew". Basically it's a group of homeschoolers that agree to review products for homeschool(ish) vendors. We get to try out, and keep, really cool homeschool stuff! And all we have to do is actually USE it, and then blog about it! So, now I have a new incentive to keep up-to-date on this blog LOL.

We got our first product to review a couple days ago. It's our "practice" review, so it's a
downloaded product from the TOS store. We'll be reviewing the e-book Travel the World! This is a stand-alone unit study on world geography! The timing is perfect, we finished up Prairie Primer (our year-long unit study on the Little House books) last week, so now we're free to concentrate on this unit study instead. I printed it off and looked through it, I think we'll have fun with it. It looks like it provides activities for a variety of ages and interests. I think we'll plan to spend a day or 2 on each continent and then wrap things up with a lapbook! Should be fun and expose the girls to something we haven't spent alot of time on.

So be on the lookout for my review of this product and many more as the new school year progresses.

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Jesse, said...

I managed to find your blog from a post about organizing (love the Kitchen Folio, btw...) and then discover that you are part of the TOS Crew this year as well! And from your posts, a Sabbath Keeper. We are, too! Looking foward to getting to know you this year on the Crew!!