Friday, June 18, 2010

The Rest of Campmeeting

Ok, I give up on the whole post from phone thing . . . it just doesn't seem to work right. The post that is JUST the waterslide picture told me it didn't post and the one I wrote about the waterslide was supposed to have the picture in it. So whatever . . .

I took Little Bit to her meeting a few days,
but it was right during naptime, so as the week progressed and her erratic (at best) sleep schedule was catching up with her, I decided getting that morning nap in was more beneficial than the meeting. So the last few days I took her to the nice dark, quiet mother's room to sleep during that time.

Our afternoons were spent going to the ABC - we must check out the samples each day AND
the big girls discovered some Rice Dream ice cream sandwiches they liked, so those made a good afternoon treat, visiting with (or bothering)
people at Locating, playing on the swings and in the sandbox, visiting Trust Services to tease
(and by teased by) Mr. Floyd (he and the girls have an on-going battle of teasing and picking on each other), and get popcorn when the popcorn machine was running.

In the evening, Daddy came up and we all went to Taco Bell or the cafeteria/snack bar for supper (usually Taco Bell, the lines at the snack bar were generally pretty long) and then Little Bit and I headed home while Daddy stayed so the big girls could go to their evening meetings.

The pictures in this post include: Little Bit at her meeting (a creation theme), and Little Bit with Pastor Barry. She is so different from her sisters at this age, perfectly happy to talk to and go to pretty much anyone who comes along. Since her big sisters tease Pastor Barry by "ignoring" him when he walks by, he decided we needed a picture as PROOF that at least one of the girls in our family is happy to spend time with him, hee hee (of course, one afternoon at Locating, the big girls talked his ear off for a half hour or longer about gardening and everything else under the sun).

And so, campmeeting 2010 is over! The girls had a blast, and that is what's important. I do think, now that they have evening meetings, we'll probably plan to stay up there all week next year. By then, hopefully, Little Bit's sleep will be better and not having the extra 45 min drive home in the evening will help us to not all get SOO over-tired by the end of the week.

In homeschool news, all that driving gave us a chance to finish listening to the Little House books to wrap up that unit. We'll spend time this week doing the odds and ends that went along w/ the last several chapters, and then we will be done with Prairie Primer (for a couple years anyway, we plan to re-visit it when the big girls are in teh 5th to 6th grade range and Little Bit is old enough to at least enjoy the stories and some of hte cooking and such that goes with it)

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