Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy 95th Birthday Grandpa!!

I'm a week late getting this posted because I kept forgetting to download the pictures off my phone when I had it plugged into my computer. But, better late than never right?

Last Friday my grandpa turned 95!!! We skipped out on the last couple days of campmeeting in order to go down to my parents' house (my grandparents live on the same property) and join in the celebration.

My mom's brother and sister were both there (here's the 3 of them doing dishes, it struck me that THAT probably happened a time or two (or hundreds?) 50 years ago or so, though without the convenience of the dishwasher. Darla's husband, Jim and daughter, Jani were there as well. The girls were excited to "meet" Jani. They'd met her a few years ago but didn't remember her.

We had a nice weekend. I think Grandpa enjoyed having his family around. He even went down to the basement to pick on the girls when they were playing down there LOL.

The above picture is when Darla was trying to get Grandpa to look at the camera, she had to steal his book (that's what she's holding behind her back), hee hee.

So anyway, a belated happy birthday to my grandpa!

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