Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gratituesday - A nice warm home!

Today is cold and icy and just plain ICKY out there!! And so, today I am extra thankful that we have a nice warm home (though some would disagree, we keep it colder than many people do (the heat is set at 67 downstairs, 64 upstairs), but we like it that way thankyouverymuch, and it saves on the heat bill. Though we make up for it in the summer when we also prefer it cooler than most LOL). BUT not only am I thankful for the physical warmth of our home, but also for the warmth of family! I love the activity and fun of a house full of talkative little girls! From listening to the big girls pretend they're grown-ups (at last count, A has . . . 13 children, I think. She told me she plans to have 20 LOL).  To the chatter of Little Bit commentating on life . . . she likes to point out "messes" (that's easy to do around here), and remind us of our various body parts (eye, nose, head, mouth, teeth, and, of course elmo (otherwise known as an elbow)), and generally tell us every little thing that she sees, or does, or sees anyone else do. She's also quite the mimic, repeating everything her sisters say . . . that's not always so good, but *is* cute as can be! This afternoon L complained that puzzles were "bor-ring!" and Little Bit, while continuing to happily work on her puzzle (L was complaining because Little Bit wanted L to help her with her puzzle), repeated "bo-ing" hee hee.

I love the warmth of kiddos climbing up on my lap for a cuddle, or snuggling up with me. Last night Little Bit slept better than usual (certainly better than she had the last few nights, the worst of which, she was awake every 1/2 hour, yawn!), but she was cuddled right up against me, using my arm as her pillow, so cozy!

So, today, as it's a cold & icky day outside, I'm thankful for my wonderful family! Especially my 3 wonderful girls, all snug at home with me!

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Carrie said...

we keep ours set at 62 and heat with a wood stove so only the living room stays nice and toasty. By doing this I have learned that when you keep your home cooler that you will more often have the delightful request of "Mama, I am freezin to deaf will you puhleeze snuggle wif me for a minute"