Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - January 30

This was a very snowy week! First we got snow, and then we got SNOW!! And then we got snow and more snow . . .  And of course, we still HAD snow on the ground when the week began. So by now, when I try to walk through our yard the snow comes in over the top of my boots, sigh . . .

Needless to say, the girls have LOVED all the snow. They have an ever-changing fort at the end of our driveway where the plow pushes the snow. They built an AWESOME snowman (see the last post for a picture) with the "snowman kit" that Miss Judy gave them for Christmas. They did some sledding early in the week but by now it's too deep for good sledding.

Little Bit is starting to get over the "mess" factor of snow, but now it's way too deep for her. I took her out a couple days ago, and she couldn't even walk in it. Needless to say, we didn't stay out long.

Sunday we visited some friends who recently moved closer. They have an 8 mo old, so Little Bit had fun exploring his toys.  He has a walker, and Little Bit quickly figured out how to climb in and out of it all on her own. At least she was big enough to not be able to make it go very fast when she was in it, she was kind of scrunched up, hee hee. Pastor Andy let the big girls choose their kinds of tea and help him make it, and pour it out of tea pots, so they had fun with that. They had small (not as small as the girls' play tea set, but still small) tea cups, and Little Bit LOVED that. She claimed mine for herself and drank several (small) cups of tea out of it, soo cute! I think I have a couple smaller tea cups in the china cabinet that were my grandmother's, I need to find one of those for her when we have tea here at home.

We've done a relaxed school week. We've continued with our Bible curriculum most day, Speekee a few days. The Spanish calendar for the week . . . not alot extra though, it's been a primarily "PE" week with all the snow play.

When we were visiting Miss Judy this week her niece Sara came over. When Sara drove up we asked Little Bit "who's here?" so she climbed up on the sofa to look out the window. She looked kind of confused for a minute, until Sara got out of her car, then her face just LIT UP and she jumped down off the sofa and ran to the door, saying her version of Sara which I can't begin to figure out how to spell LOL.

I thought such a "bad" week, weather-wise might mean lots of fun kitchen and sewing projects, but it didn't, the girls were outside all the time. They DID make bread though, and we made butter. I can't begin to figure out why I haven't been making our butter all along! With the price we pay for raw milk, I can make butter for $0.78/lb! And it's fresh, raw, and as good as organic. So, making butter is now going to be a regular part of our schedule too. The girls think it's great fun too! We timed things well and made the butter and bread on the same day, YUMMY!!!

I feel like I'm forgetting something we did during the week, but I can't think of it. And my phone's being annoying uncooperative so I can't get my pictures I took this week, sigh . . .

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