Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - January 2

Welcome to 2011, how did THAT happen?! We had a nice, quiet, week-after-Christmas last week.

We had snow the first part of the week. It was BITTERLY cold, so I didn't take Little Bit out, but the big girls had fun with it.

School has been "lite":

- Bible:  Positive Action for Christ curriculum (watch for that review tomorrow! EEK!! Must get busy writing it!)
- Spanish:  Calendar plus Speekee (another review)
- Music:  We started a study on Peter and the Wolf (another review . . . notice a trend?)
- Science & History:  Listening to Jonathan Park CDs in the car, LOVE them!!!

We're starting to work on some cleaning & organizing around here.  Getting all the Christmas stuff packed away, obviously. But also doing some additional organizing & decluttering.  Right now we're working on the kitchen. Each girl gets to choose a cupboard or drawer and clean it out (I get say in what goes back in and what doesn't. My goal is to continue doing this around the house, getting rid of stuff we don't need and putting anything that "doesn't belong" into boxes that I stack in the spare room. Then once things are organized, hopefully with "extra room" in most storage spaces (cupboards, shelves, etc), I'll start going through the "doesn't belong" boxes, and either FIND a place for it, pack it away if it truly is something we will use later but don't need access to now (clothes the big girls have outgrown, for example), labeling it such that I can find it again in storage when we do need it, or GET RID OF IT!!  At least for now, the girls are enjoying helping.

Knitting continues to be a favorite passtime. I'm working on a poncho for L (we found ones for both Little Bit & A at Goodwill, so L's feeling left out). I didn't find any patterns I liked, so I'm using A's as rough template and making it up as I go, we shall see if it turns out.  L is still perfecting her wash cloths, and A decided to try to make a poncho for one of her dolls (using "mommy's pattern" so we'll see if it turns out too).

And finally, we're working toward a rather major re-arrange in the girls' room. A few weeks ago A had a small stomach bug and threw up in the night. For convenience sake, I put some blankets on the floor and she slept there the rest of that night, and has been sleeping there ever since (because she likes it). Not to be left out, L decided SHE wanted to sleep on the floor too. So at the moment, they are both sleeping on folded up blankets on the floor of their room. I started thinking about it, and figured, hey if they want to sleep down below, we might as well rearrange things to utilize the space with that in mind. Bonus, we may actually succeed in moving Little Bit into their room if they're on the floor too. So we're still in the planning stages (and making sure they like sleeping down below). But the plan is to get futon-type mattresses from IKEA (love IKEA) and rearrange the floor (including moving some of the stuff currently on the floor up onto the loft). Then we can stack the mattresses during the day and pull them out at night. So there will still be floor space for play during the day, and added incentive to clean up EVERY DAY, hee hee.

So, lots of planning and organizing and stuff going on around here.

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