Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap- Up - Jan 23

We had a week of snow and ice and book clubs and dates!!

Monday we came home from Mama & Papa's, a day or two earlier than planned, to beat the snow. We also made the trip home longer than normal to make sure to get milk & groceries before the snow came. The girls had received Vol 7 of the Jonathan Park Adventures as a late Christmas gift from my grandparents, so we enjoyed listening to those while we drove home.

Tuesday we had snow & ice, ugh! The big girls went out a little bit, but it really wasn't at all a "fun" snow.

Wednesday night ended up being the book club that I normally go to on the 2nd Tues of the month. Snow had postponed it TWICE, but we finally got together Wed. night.  Little Bit comes with me, and she found a great partnership in Miss Sara, who's not a fan of peas. Lina sat on her lap during supper and happily ate the peas out of her salad, hee hee. Miss Sara also helped entertain her during the book discussion. Meanwhile Daddy took the big girls on a "date" to Friendly's.

Thursday night was our other book club. All the kids come with me to that one. It was a week late also. The big girls were thrilled that Pastor Mike was home most of the time, for them to torture. While he wasn't available, they read their books. Little Bit and the other toddler who comes, J, played and traded snacks and water cups, and generally did what they do . . . us moms enjoyed visiting and catching up.

Friday was *finally* A's date! She chose to go out with Mommy to Chipotles (because L's not a fan of Chipotles). She's been telling me for the past 2 weeks (at least) that she had "lots of questions" for me on our date, but when we actually got in the car and started driving, she forgot them all, hee hee. She managed to come up with other things to talk about & I suggested that next month she should write down the questions as she think about them. We had a nice time. Daddy lucked out, Little Bit napped the whole time we were gone, and L was busy playing Spider Solitaire on her computer, so he had it pretty easy LOL. A & I went to Chipotles for lunch, then to Dairy Queen for dessert (then I dragged her with me to the Dollar Store to get a couple things I needed for craft at church yesterday).  We had a nice time talking and just hanging out.  As we were coming home I asked her if, some months, I told her we weren't going out to eat, but we just went and sat on a park bench or something, if she'd still like our "dates" and first she said . . . "but I might be hungry", but once I pointed out that if we were doing that we'd eat BEFORE we left, she decided that would be ok "but eating out IS fun" LOL.

Also on Friday (in the morning) we went up to visit Miss Judy.  Judy had recently gotten some new patterns for clothes for their American Girl dolls (yes, she spoils them!), so we had fun looking at the patterns and the girls told her which dresses they'd like her to make them for their birthday.

Sabbath was a normal Sabbath. Little Bit seems to be teething (I hope, otherwise she's getting sick, so I'm hoping for teething . .. she's got a runny nose, but it's clear, not yellow, and she had really pink cheeks, but no fever, and she keeps sticking her hand down her throat, so seems like molars coming in is the likely culprit) so she was more "touchy" than usual. Melting down whenever she was told no (for example, when L wasn't willing to give Little Bit her (L's) ENTIRE granola bar), so it was a challenging church service. Afterward, one of the women who was sitting near us, made a point of telling me how much joy our children bring to her, and what a blessing they are to those around them. It was  nice to get encouragement when I needed it most :) God is good, and our church family is the best!!

Other odds & ends from this week . . . Little Bit learned the word "Mine!" from Sesame Street. I am not amused . . . actually, I am, but it's getting old FAST!!! She sometimes uses it in context, other times, she  will pick up something belonging to someone else in or family, and get an absolute mischief look on her face, complete with twinkles in her eyes, and say  "Mine!" just daring us to argue with her.

For awhile now, Little Bit has thought it's great fun, if she sees someone about to sit in a certain chair (or spot on the sofa) to run and jump into that spot before they do. Yesterday she combined this game with the above "mine" game, and a new twist.  I came back into the family room to sit down and found her sitting in my chair. She looked up at me with complete mischief in her eyes and said "sit . . .MINE!" and THEN she pointed to another chair, clearly telling me I could sit over there LOL.

Little Bit's way of saying L's name sounds JUST like "Sassy", I think part of it is because I also often refer to one or both of the big girls as "Sissy" when talking to her, so she kind of combined L's name and "Sissy" and came up with Sassy. Those who know my children, know that Sassy is a PERFECT nickname for L, so I've started calling her that too, much to her feigned annoyance, hee hee.  Interestingly, Little Bit says A's name quite clearly, and here I would have guessed that would be the harder name to say, go figure . . .

School this week included:
Bible: continuing to use Enjoying God's Gifts
Bible/History: continuing to read through On This Day In Christian History it's not intended for children, so I often have to explain words/concepts to them, but when I suggested one day, that since we didn't have alot of time, we skip reading this, they both said "no, we LIKE those stories!"
Science/History:  We're listening through the Jonathan Park Adventures for the 3rd or 4th time, *I* learn new things each time through, so I'm sure the girls are too LOL.
Spanish:  We're continuing to enjoy the calendar that teaches us a word or two each day, and Little Bit is continuing to enjoy Speekee. The big girls enjoy the Speekee worksheets, and watch one Speekee video per day without complaining.
Science/Math/Writing . . . : We're reviewing a unit study on blue-footed boobies, so we've been working on that this week, it's been fun, and ties in nicely after just listening to the Jonathan Park Galapagos CDs.
Reading/Writing/History . . . : Another current review item, Kid Scoop is printable kids newspapers with lots of fun activities, the girls have been enjoying them.

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