Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - January 16

I seem to be running "late" on things again, sigh . .. oh well, such is life!

We had a busy week.  Daddy was essentially gone all week, so it was "just us girls". Snow we predicted on Tuesday/Wednesday so we made sure to get errands run on Monday in preparation for that (went to get milk from the farm and groceries from the store).

Tuesday was a kitchenish day.  The girls made bread in the morning (part of our health/nutrition curriculum) and then, when we ate the whole loaf for lunch, they made more (ALL BY THEMSELVES) to take to our neighbor, Judy's house for supper. We also made Spinach Spaghetti in the afternoon to take to  Judy's.

Tuesday evening was supposed to be my monthly book club at Judy's house. But because of the predicted snow, we postponed it (to tomorrow, but now we're supposed to get MORE snow (and ice) tonight & tomorrow, so we shall see . . .), so Judy & another neighbor (Denise), & I decided to have our own party. We got together at Judy's house for supper, and games afterward. It was a lovely evening. And then the girls & I walked home through a magical winter wonderland! It had been snowing the whole time we were there so the ground was covered, but it wasn't deep enough to be hard to walk. There wasn't a mark on it!! (have I ever mentioned how much I love where we live?) And the snow made it light enough out that we could see perfectly fine without a flashlight. So pretty!! Little Bit even walked home in it, she's getting so big :)

Wednesday of course, the big girls spent playing in the snow. I was kicking myself that I hadn't gotten the shed key from Rodney, so I couldn't get the toddler sled out for Little Bit to try. The big girls love their saucer sleds but I didn't figure Little Bit was quite ready for that at this age. So she and I snuggled inside and read books and watched "Emmo"  and "Bue" and Signing Times (which she asks for by doing the sign for "sign language").

Thursday Little Bit did get a little snow time while I hung the laundry (it was a pretty sunny day, but COLD) and such.

Friday, the girls & I packed up and headed to my parents' for the weekend.

We enjoyed celebrating Christmas with my grandparents, and visiting with friends.

And the big news, at least as far as the girls were concerned is  . . .

. . . they both mastered bikes without training wheels!!! They don't get much chance to ride bikes, since we don't have a good place for it here. And they've never been willing to even try. But this weekend at my parents, L decided she wanted to try. So Dad took the training wheels off one bike (yes, those bikes  are way too small for them, we keep their old bikes at Mom & Dad's), and of course, A wasn't about to be outdone, so she had to try too. But both of them were too nervous to "let" Mama or Papa let go of them (Little Bit was napping on my lap during all of this). Once Little Bit woke up & I took her outside to play, Mama and Papa were worn out trying to run along behind them helping hold up the bike. So the girls asked me to "help" them. And I did, BUT, as soon as I saw that they WERE balancing, I let go and ta-da, they COULD do it! We spent awhile working on being able to start and for some  reason, removing the training wheels also removed L's ability to steer, so she had to find that skill again, but all in all, it was a pretty quick, easy process. But by the time we left my parents' house this morning they were zooming up & down the driveway as if they'd been riding a bike for years!

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