Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - May 1

We had a busy week. You've already seen some of the highlights. We of course started our week with Easter. Then spent Monday and Tuesday playing with friends in their creek.

Also while we were at my parents' house the big girls helped Papa set several of the posts for their playhouse.  Little Bit finally learned to say thank you in English.  She has signed Thank You for MONTHS, and for quite awhile now has randomly said "Gracias" (gawsus), but never actually said thank you in English. Last weekend while we were at my parents' she started saying "Tanks" which for some reason makes me smile every time I hear it. Too cute!! (yes, I'm biased!).

Wednesday we headed home. Since we've been home we've done some gardening. Caught up on laundry. Done some school. And prayed for our friends and family down south. The tornados in Tennessee went through quite close to the college that I attended for all 4 years and Rodney attended for 2 years. We still have quite a few friends who live in the area and have been hearing about the destruction in an area we both have many fond memories of.

Since the same storms that tore through the south on Wednesday was headed our way on Thursday, we took some time that morning to do some impromtu discussions of emergency preparedness. Talking through what we would need to do if the thunderstorm warnings in our area turned into a tornado watch and/or warning. We didn't need to put our discussions into practice, but being home alone with 3 young children, it was important that the older girls were working with me without me needing to take time with lots of explanations.  Our basement would be about as safe as you can get for a tornado, BUT it's not a toddler-safe location so one of the things we went over was the fact that if we needed to go down there I'd need them on constant "Little Bit Duty" both while I made any necessary additional trips upstairs for things and then while I rearranged things as needed in the basement to make us more comfortable. MiniMe, especially, tends to worry (yes, that's another way she's my "MiniMe") but I think talking through things helped her to be more calm about it all.  As it turned out, all we had was wind and thunderstorms, for which we were very thankful.

So that was our week. We're so thankful for the spring weather, FINALLY!

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