Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 18

I realized I never did a weekly wrap-up last week because I was busy doing the specific posts from our "field trips".

So, last week we were at my parents' house. I already told you about going to Assateague and our busy day visiting national parks. Those were the highlights of our week but here are a few other things:

As usual, we took many walks to Grandma's house and back. And the girls helped pick tomatoes, corn, and blackberries in the the garden.

One day all 3 girls were playing together and decided to play "family", complete with costumes. Sassy was the "daddy" (apparently he works construction . . . or something . . . hence, the hardhat), MiniMe was the mommy, and Little Bit was the "baby". She wanted a costume too, so they used a newborn drawstring gown that they found in the doll clothes (conveniently it was from long enough ago that it had an actual drawstring rather than the elastic that current ones have) and put it on her. It was a kind of mini-dress thing on her, but she was happy LOL.
 The big girls continued to help Papa on the playhouse. In this picture Papa is standing on the floor of the 2nd story and MiniMe is on the roof of the one-story part.

 We did fit in a little bit of the "school" we do at home. We did a fun art project using chalk pastels and paint on black cardstock as a part of our Inuit study for history.  We also did soap carving but I didn't get any pictures of that.

While the big girls were doing the pastel chalk painting, Mama found a paint with water book for Little Bit so she wouldn't feel left out.

And Little Bit's accomplishment of the trip was to master climbing the wall at Mama & Papa's house. They have a clear story in their dining room with a carpeted wall with climbing holes in it to access the platform. The big girls were probably 4, maybe 5 before they were brave enough to even attempt climbing the wall. But of course Little Bit sees sisters doing it and wants to join in. Until this trip she could only manage to get hands and feet on the lowest holes but couldn't figure out how to move UP the wall. I was pretty happy with that arrangement but this trip, with some guidance from a sister or two (I think), she figured out the actual going-up part, sigh . . . she hasn't figured out the going DOWN part, however, so she climbs up and then yells for someone to come get her.  (like my high-tech way of making the "nakey baby on the wall" picture not quite so . . . nakey LOL).

So that was last week. We came home on Sunday. This past week has, of course, been filled with laundry, and generally settling back into our home routines (if I could figure out a way to not need to transition back into those home routines after every trip, it would sure make all our traveling easier). I had several reviews to write, as you, no doubt, noticed LOL.

We slipped back into our normal at-home school routines, and finally wrapped up the "Native American" part of our history curriculum, and began reading about Leif the Lucky (love this series!) as the beginning of the explorers.

It seems like we had a busy week, but I'm drawing a blank on anything noteworthy that we did.

Perhaps my favorite thing this week was the weather finally cooling down, ahhhh . . . I'm loving having the windows open and snuggling under blankets at night and am anticipating pulling out the long-sleeved clothes . . . I'm never satisfied, in the winter I'm chomping at the bit for it to warm up, but by August I'm counting the days till cool weather LOL.  And on that note, I think I'll go unpack some sweaters or something.

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