Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - September 4

We had a nice week this week. We were continuing to dodge painters, but at least we could get in and out of our house at will most of the time, so we survived.

Tuesday was my birthday. The "tables have turned", now instead of Daddy having to try to give the girls ideas of things to get me, the girls tell him in no uncertain terms what they are getting me AND what he should get me LOL. This year that was chocolate from Daddy and Little Bit (that Sassy chose, she's figured out the secret . . . look at the percentage on the dark chocolate and get me the HIGHEST percentage you can find, YUM!!) and the new Duggar book, A Love that Multiplies from Sassy and MiniMe (I think they had an ulterior motive in all of this though, Little Bit has definitely "helped" me eat the chocolate, and the big girls are chomping at the bit for me to finish the book so THEY can read it LOL. We also went to visit our neighbor, Judy, on Tuesday and she had a small cake for me. It was DELICIOUS!!! Equal parts cake and frosting which is just how I like it, hee hee.

My parents came up at the end of the week and in addition to taking our recycling in for us (thanks Dad!), we were able to get some bulky items moved out of here and thrown into the dumpster that the landlord has on the property right now (and said we could put stuff in). So I have at least a few extra square feet of uncluttered space in my house now, woo-hoo! Mom had made a cake to bring up and the girls helped her decorate it once she got it here. Since they couldn't find the candles, they took Little Bit's little wood caterpillar toy and then folded a piece of paper to look like a book. They wrote "Happy Birthday" on one side and "book worm" on the other, and it was my book worm cake. Isn't that cute? And original!!! I love seeing what my children come up with!!! :)

Our other fun this week was going to Steamtown. Amtrak had their 40th anniversary train there, so we saw that, as well as going on a caboose ride, and another train ride, looking through the museum there. AND there was a Lego exhibit there, so that was fun to see too.

So that was our week. It was a good week, and a good birthday!

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