Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TOS Crew Review: Beeyoutiful


We usually review homeschool products for the TOS Crew, but every once in awhile we get to review something that is equally of interest to everyone. This is one of those reviews!! Beeyoutiful offers a variety of natural health products that they have found work for their families, and want to make available to everyone. The Beeyoutiful site also has tons of INFORMATION about natural health, which is right up my ally! 

I was sent Tummy Tune Up ($18) and a Peppermint Lip B.A.L.M. ($3)

Thankfully we didn't have any big "tummy bugs" to truly test out Tummy Tune Up during the review period, but MiniMe did have one day where she woke up complaining that her tummy hurt. I gave her a Tummy Tune Up, she took a nap, and woke up saying that now her tummy hurt because she was hungry. So it at least seemed to help. Regardless of a direct cause/effect type of help. I love what Tummy Tune Up is!!! It's basically super duper extra strong yogurt in an easy to swallow pill. Which is great since my big girls refuse to eat yogurt (sigh). I'm a strong believer in the benefits of the active live cultures in yogurt, kefir, etc. In our modern world that views bacteria as bad . . . EVERYTHING is antibacterial these days, even some fabrics! We seem to have forgotten that there are also GOOD bacteria! And without those, you can't be healthy! Yogurt is one source of those good bacteria (kefir is an even better source, but even more of a challenge for me to get any of my family to eat). And especially when we need an extra immune boost overall, or there are stomach bugs floating around, yogurt has been my go-to cure for years! So it's been really frustrating to me the last couple years when the big girls decided to flat out refuse yogurt (but don't tell them, I make my ranch dip with yogurt instead of sour cream so that gets it in them once in awhile anyway). Even when they were complaining of tummy upset and I could say with pretty good certainty that yogurt WOULD help, they won't eat it (Little Bit, on the other hand, eats 2-3 bowlfuls most days. We get plain yogurt and I either stir frozen blueberries into it or an all-fruit jam, and she gobbles it up).  So, now I can get them the benefits of yogurt in a pill that MiniMe swallowed easily. I  LOVE that!!!

Photobucket I wasn't sure I'd like the lip B.A.L.M. I generally make my own and I'm pretty particular about consistency and ingredients. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's the right balance of not melting if you hold it for a few minutes, but not so hard that it just sits on top of your lips. And the ingredients are similar to what I usually use when I make it, I was especially happy to see that it is "flavored"/scented with essential oils, not the more typical, chemical-based flavor/scent oils. I've been enjoying using my lip B.A.L.M. and will keep Beeyoutiful in mind as a place to get good lip balm when I don't have time/energy to make my own.

In addition to these products, Beeyoutiful carries a variety of Bath and Body products, Essential Oils, Nutritional Oils, Supplements, Books, Baking Supplies, Teas, and Appliances.

Other members of the crew received different products, so be sure to check out all the reviews, here, to see a variety of opinions on a nice selection of Beeyoutiful's products.


Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product(s) free of charge in exchange for writing an honest review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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