Sunday, February 19, 2012

Williamsburg - Day 1

First I have to brag just a tad on the awesome timeshare condo we were blessed to stay in while down there. We have an old long-time family friend (as in, I've known them since I was 3 or 4 years old!) who have a timeshare with a location in Williamsburg and they gave us a great rate. We had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo. I kept meaning to take a picture of the big girls' room, it was an adorable little 3rd floor loft with matching twin beds. They LOVED it!

So anyway . . . Colonial Williamsburg. . . last year for the girls' birthdays, my mom gave them the promise of making them colonial dresses, and she finished them a few months ago, so we had them for this trip. The big girls wore them every day (we had a washer & dryer in the condo), Little Bit only wore hers one day, and that's the day we had them pose for pictures, so we'll start with the picture of all 3 girls in their dresses, even though it wasn't the first day.

It snowed a good part of our drive down, though thankfully the roads weren't bad. Our first day in Williamsburg was still COLD! Much to the girls' annoyance, that meant wearing coats over their dresses, but we had a good day despite the cold.

One of their favorite places to visit was the Bindery. Both of the men we talked to there were really great, not only at answering the girls' trillions of questions, but also at making it fun. They were also fascinated by the process, to the point that we went back later in the week in the hopes of getting to see them doing the leather decorating (tooling?) but they weren't doing it until after we left.

Other things we really enjoyed the first day included

The Capitol building. We went to it the first year (when the girls were 6) and the tour was just way over their heads, and honestly, that one was abit too detailed for my interest level as well. This year we started out good, with the person at the gate engaging the girls in conversation and teasing them, which they love. The tour guide also was excellent, giving us plenty of information, but making it interesting. It also helps that the girls are older, and we had just been learning about the revolution, so that helped them have the background to not only understand, but also participate in the discussions.

The Milliner shop. So cool! The woman in this shop took time to answer our questions thoroughly, and pull out examples of what she was describing, it was great!

The cabinet-maker. I wasn't with the girls as much in this shop, there was an area more out-of-the-way with extra chairs, so I was sitting there when I wasn't chasing Little Bit (Mom got stuck with most of the Little Bit chasing, because she's Little Bit's favorite). But we were in that shop for over an hour! So needless to say, the girls enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed the silversmith, wig maker (the girls were very excited to get to go here, when we've been in Williamsburg before it wasn't open on a day we were there), post office, and coffee shop.

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Wholesome Learning said...

Wonderful experience! It is so cool when kids get "into" a subject! And they definitely fit the part:)