Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up - February 26

No, I haven't forgotten that I'm only halfway through our Williamsburg trip, but I figured in the interest of not getting hopelessly behind, I'd better go ahead and write this past week's wrap-up while it's fresh in my mind. Then I'll continue with the Williamsburg posts as I have time.

So let's see . . . we got home from Williamsburg and I promptly came down with a cold and short-lived stomach bug, sigh . . . Sassy had been congested while we were in Williamsburg, so I assume I caught that part from her. MiniMe and I both threw up the same night, so we either ate something that didn't agree with us or caught the same bug. Thankfully Rodney was able to work from home the day after I was up throwing up, so I could sleep in and generally just rest.

Otherwise, we were busy this week with unpacking and getting re-settled into our routines. I also spent some time catching up on blog posts. And figuring things out for the Ocean-theme we're going to be doing in Little Bit's class at church starting in March.

We also started reviewing a new history curriculum so I spent some time getting that figured out, and how to integrate it with what we're already using.

As we're starting to see some nice spring-like weather, we make sure to take advantage of that and grab outside time whenever the weather is nice. Little Bit is loving swinging and generally trying to keep up with her sisters.

Thursday we visited our neighbor, Miss Judy and the big girls were riding bikes (our yard and driveway are all steep hill, but Miss Judy lives at the top of the hill where it's nice and flat for bike riding. So the girls like to take their bikes up and ride up there while Little Bit and I visit with Miss Judy).  Sassy came in and said that Ashlyn had fallen off her bike and wouldn't get up, said she needed mommy. So I went out to check on her. She was mostly ok, but was wearing slip-on shoes and one shoe came off as she fell and she'd stubbed her big toe into the pavement and bent the nail way back, split it. It was pretty icky looking though, of course, a messed up big toe is better than broken bones and such so God is good! Miss Judy drove us home and suggested that I have MiniMe soak her toe in Epsom salts and then elevate it. MiniMe freaked out at the idea of putting her toe in water of any kind because she's had little cuts and scrapes before that hurt when you put them in water but she finally did and it was rather humorous to hear her screaming and freaking out as she lowered her foot and then silence and grudgingly admit that it didn't make it hurt any worse LOL. She soaked her foot for awhile and then settled back in the recliner and we watched 19 Kids and Counting. 

Friday Rodney took Sassy and Little Bit to his mom's but MiniMe decided with her hurt toe that she'd rather stay home with me.Which kind of messed with my plans to do some birthday shopping, but oh well. I did have a couple errands that I had to run and she came with me on those but probably overdid it, when we took the bandaid off (that I put on right before we went to the store) at bath time that night there was quite abit of  blood on it, so the walking around must have bumped it around some.

Saturday night Rodney's SS class had a get-together at our neighbor's house. Sassy and MiniMe ended up spending most of the evening playing Monopoly with some of the other people who were there. I declared it "math class for the week" LOL. Little Bit had a great time playing with her friends, watching Mickey Mouse, eating tons of food, and having countless stories read to her. A good time was had by all, and nobody seems any the worse for staying up well past their bedtime with the festivities.

And that was our week last week!

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