Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where In the World Did I Go?!?!

Wow, I get behind sometimes, but I think it's been awhile since I've been THIS far behind!!! Not sure what happened, except that having the month of January with very little travel and such spoiled me, so when I did start traveling again, the blog was what slipped to the wayside, sigh . . .

So real quick (and then I'll do more detailed posts over the next several days/weeks):

This past week we went to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown (that one I have a good excuse for, the timeshare didn't have free wi-fi, so I only had internet access on my phone, I love y'all but not enough to type entire blog posts on a touch screen LOL)

The week before that I was getting ready for that trip AND planning out next month's Sabbath School theme for Little Bit's class (have to get back on that now that I'm back home).

The week before that we traveled with hubby/visited my parents for a few days.

and I don't remember anything before that, I think that pretty much gets me back on track.

One final thing: the book I was blogging through. In my last minute packing for the trip to my parents I misplaced the book so I couldn't blog about it for chapter 4 (week before last) because I couldn't find it to read). I found it as I was packing for the Williamsburg trip, and read chapters 4 and 5 on the trip, but obviously couldn't blog about them without an internet connection. I *did* type up the basics of the blog post in Word (this is where someone points out that if I used Live Writer I could have had all the posts all ready to go, but I'm without internet so infrequently that I've never bothered to learn it, and didn't think to donwload it before this trip. I *should* download it now, so that I'll at least have it available if I feel up to learning it next time I'm in that situation), so I should be able to get both of those posted sometime this week.

So that's the quick and dirty summary to let my readers know that I haven't fallen off the planet.

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