Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekly (or 3) Wrap-Up - May 28

I know, I know, I haven't been keeping up very well, sigh . . . So let's see . . .

Homeschool Convention with Sassy and MiniMe.

Once we got home Daddy and the girls figured out where all the suspected kittens were hiding out. There are several feral cats that have adopted us since we have cat food out for OUR cats, and I was pretty sure  2 of them were pregnant, then one wasn't, but still hung out near our porch enough that I wondered if something had gotten her kittens. The other one (Sneakers) pretty much disappeared right no schedule, just showing up to eat in the morning, so I figured she was hiding somewhere with her kittens. Daddy and the girls found Sneakers' kittens where I figured they were, but the girls hadn't been able to find them earlier, under an old car that Sneakers has claimed the underside of as her "home". We haven't succeeded in getting them out yet, Sneakers is rather protective of them. Now that we're home for more than 2 days in a row, we need to work on getting them out and taming them.

Then later the same day they figured out that the other batch of kittens was in the RAFTERS of an outbuilding near our house. Long story short, we got the kittens out of the rafters, and they are now all living in an old chicken coop also near our house.. There are 3 black kittens and one black and white one (like it's mama). The girls are having fun playing with those kittens and we've already found at least tentative homes for 3 of them.

I've already mentioned the goose family that lives on our pond. I don't remember if I mentioned a SECOND goose family that we discovered a few weeks ago. The goslings are about the same size as the first family, but were at least a couple weeks old before we saw them. The only thing we can figure out is that they were hiding in some brush surrounding one of the other ponds on the property. So now there are LOTS of geese around. The same day that we found the kittens, the geese came right up into our yard while we were outside. The girls got some crackers to feed them and they came even closer. At that time there were 4 parents and 11 babies, since then one of the babies has disappeared so we're down to 14 geese LOL.

A couple days later my parents came up and brought my grandma's piano. She's happy that her piano is getting used and loved and MiniMe is beyond excited to have a piano! Little Bit is pretty happy with it too. And I'm super happy to not need to find time to take her over to the church a couple times a week to practice.

Mom and Dad headed home and a couple days later we followed them LOL.

I've already mentioned SOME of the many "field trips" we enjoyed while we were visiting them. I'll do a separate post with the rest of the field trips sometime soon.

We also enjoyed time at Mama and Papa's house:
Picking Strawberries

Planting cucumbers

The Playhouse is essentially done on the outside. Papa got most of the (missing in this picture) fence pieces up on the "bridge" while we were there. Now they just have to figure out what swing(s) to hang under the bridge and put a gate at the end of the bridge and then it'll just be interior work, at least until Papa thinks of something else to add LOL.

We ate lunch in the playhouse a couple of times while we were there. Little Bit insisted that the playhouse was a HOUSE and therefore, she didn't have to be dressed in it LOL.

Papa started teaching the big girls to drive the lawn mower. They're not QUITE tall/heavy enough for it to be easy, it's hard for them to sit back in the seat enough to keep from triggering the "safety" that turns the mower off if you get off the seat, but they're having fun. And their steering has improved dramatically since our last trip to Disney World, and the cars in tomorrowland.

When we ate supper out on the deck, the girls decided to eat on THEIR deck. Nevermind that that meant getting filled plates of food up the ladder, they still think such things are fun LOL.

Lessons complete, now they can mow on their own!

Who doesn't like climbing trees?

Had to add this one, just because. Don't let the "halo" fool you, she's no angel!

Walking out to Grandma's House

She's so proud of herself that she can walk on the retaining wall all by herself now.

We got home on Thursday and have been doing fun things like catching up on laundry and such since then.

And a quick update on the kittens! This morning the girls found Sneakers' kittens out from under the car - 2 black kittens and a calico. For a final count of 7 kittens. Anyone want a black kitten? Or 4?

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