Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up - May 6

Well, it's finally warming back up, but we're getting all those April showers we didn't get in April, sigh . . .

Despite that, we had a good week.

This week was our first time of Sassy and Little Bit coming with us to MiniMe's piano lesson (daddy was available to watch them the last 2 weeks). It worked fine. I brought a selection of things from Little Bit's "school" and worked on them with her quietly on the floor while MiniMe had her lesson, and Sassy read a book and knitted. Of course, it got Sassy inspired to decide SHE wants music lessons too. But she wants violin lessons. I told her that might have to wait abit . . . It doesn't seem "fair", but that was why I talked to her about if she was going to want lessons, before I agreed to MiniMe's lessons. I knew the budget wouldn't allow for adding 2 sets of music lessons right now, so if she wanted them too, we'd have to decide how to handle it. But at that point she assured me she did NOT want lessons, so we went ahead with MiniMe's lessons. Now that MiniMe is already going on her lessons, I'm not going to mess with that for right now, so we'll see what the future brings . . . I'm guessing it will mean asking the grandparents to contribute to both girls' lessons for xmas presents, but we'll see . . .

For the new month, I came up with a new way of menu planning. I wrote out a whole month of meal suggestions and then the girls get to use that list to choose the meals for each week. They take into consideration what we have scheduled that week, and then they choose meals, and come up with the shopping list. So far it's worked well. The girls are "owning" the meals more, and having fun with it. And, of course, learning tons of important life skills like menu planning and shopping skills, besides cooking. This coming week will be more challenging, we have alot going on to keep in mind while figuring out meals, we'll see how it goes . . .

My "spare time" has been spent pulling things together for the girls' end-of-year evaluation for homeschool (coming up this Thurs), and also pulling things together for homeschool convention (coming up this Friday).

In school we are:
Enjoying learning about the ocean for science

Using a computer program for the girls to practice their math facts

Notebooking through the Old Testament for Bible

Reading tons of fun books about the War of 1812 for history

As part of getting the girls' homeschool portfolios together, I listed out all the Junior Ranger badges they earned this year. While I may have missed one or two, it still is a rather impressive list, thought I'd brag on my kids abit and share it here (in no particular order):

Valley Forge
Hopewell Furnace
Assateague Island National Seashore
Clara Barton
Glen Echo Park
C&O Canal
Ford’s Theatre
Monocacy National Battlefield
Fort Necessity
Rock Creek Park
Cherry Blossom Festival

I think I mentioned a few months ago that Little Bit decided one day, to start sleeping in "Sissies' room" and never looked back.  Well, she truely HAS never looked back. Once or twice when she's been congested or something I've brought her to our bed, but she's completely transitioned to her bed in "the girls' room". Sabbath morning I peaked into the girls' room on my way to the shower and this picture is what I saw (Sassy was awake and reading her Bible on her bed, on the other side of MiniMe). Don't mind the clutter by MiniMe's head, poor child is related to her mommy, so I've given up on convincing her to keep that area uncluttered, sigh . . . 

Given the size of our house we don't really have a choice about sharing bedrooms, and it was the older girls' choice to move down and sleep under the loft when I started talking about setting up a bed for Little Bit there, but I LOVE this! I love that they can cuddle together! This morning I woke up to find Little Bit sleeping in Sassy bed. Sassy said she woke up fussing and wanted to cuddle, awww . . . 

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