Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tot School - More Letter Fun

Little Bit is 38 mo old

With everything else that's been going on I haven't managed to write a post every week about Little Bit's "Letter of the Week" activities. Suffice it to say that we've been doing similar things for each letter, and this week we are on G (we skipped the week we were at my parents' house and . . . maybe one other one? I don't remember now).  She is LOVING it and has taken to pointing out letters on random signs, books, etc. "That's a letter we learned about".  The "bean  bin" (or this week, the "green bin" (with green split peas) continues to be a huge hit.  I thought I'd share a couple random pictures I've taken over the last several weeks and then hopefully get back to weekly, more detailed, posts . . . oh who are we kidding, campmeeting is coming, I won't manage weekly, more detailed, posts for a few more weeks.

Cutting and gluing.  She LOVES this!! She gets to cut out the animals (just straight lines around the pictures) and then glues them onto a pattern of the week's letter.

Another fun activity that gets more fun each week. We keep adding new "roads" to our collection as we add letters and she drives matchbox cars, as well as having various plastic animals and/or squinkies walk on the "roads".

You can see what other tots are doing here.

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