Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up -- June 17

This past week we've been busy getting ready for campmeeting.

Sassy is our breakfast cook this month, so she dove in and made up big batches of Breakfast Cookies and Granola for us to have at campmeeting.

The kittens continue to be a hit.

MiniMe was very happy to have her piano lesson this week, after a couple weeks off because her teacher was on vacation. It's fun to see how much she is loving this.

Sassy's been reviewing a math program (that I need to write the review for).  So it's kind of worked out that MiniMe is reviewing the typing program we have right now. If/when time allows I'd like Sassy to use it some too.  We've also been enjoying reviewing a Bible curriculum, and of course, continue to enjoy reading tons of fun books for history.

We also had our end-of-the-year evaluation for homeschooling. One of our state's (many) requirements for homeschoolers is to have an evaluator, meet with the child(ren) and look at samples of their work and such to confirm that they are learning. I'm sooo blessed to have teachers in our local church school who are extremely supportive of homeschooling, so one of them kindly did our evaluation. The girls adore her, and she has a very hands-on teaching style, so it's a wonderful fit! We've been playing schedule tag, so now that I have her signed letters saying the girls have learned something (LOL), I need to get their portfolios sent in to the state and then get busy with the paperwork for NEXT YEAR (that starts in July), sigh . . . this is when I start muttering about moving to a state with less regulation LOL.

I feel like I'm forgetting some of the stuff we did this week, but that's at least a brief overview. . . .

which leads us to Friday. The plan was to pack things up for campmeeting and a whole bunch of odds & ends that I needed to wrap up.  Unfortunately, I had a bad headache (never had them diagnosed as migraines, but think that's what they are), and pretty much needed to just sit as still as possible, with my eyes closed, and direct traffic.

The girls were AWESOME!! (Granted, THEY are the ones who love campmeeting). They packed up the stuff I asked them to pack, loaded the car, wiped down the table we wanted to have outside at campmeeting. Sassy made tabouli for potluck essentially on her own (I chopped the onions & tomatoes but left her to put it all together and do everything else. . . it occurred to me, Sabbath morning, when it was too late to do anything about it, that I had never even TASTED it to confirm that it was ok. But it was. . . Thankfully by "naptime" my head was starting to feel slightly better so I felt safe to drive while Lina napped. Was honestly perfectly content to sit in bumper to bumper traffic half the way there, it only one lane each direction so none of the stressful lane jumping that makes me nervous in interstate bumper-to-bumper, and meant I could safely lean my head back and rest my eyes for 1/2 a second every so often because I was stopped. . . Got up there and was to the point of functioning, slower than usual, but functioning. Still, MiniMe put away all the refrigerated/frozen food, both girls unpacked and put away their own clothes . . . they did a good job of proving that when they need to, they ARE responsible and capable, now to translate that into day-to-day, non-crisis mode life :)

They are enjoying campmeeting as always. Little Bit isn't so sure . . . we shall see how she does as the week progresses :)

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