Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - June 5

This past week was quiet compared to some that we've been having lately, nice for a change LOL.

It was VERY quiet at our house on Monday and Tuesday. Rodney took the girls to his mom's house on Monday and didn't bring them home until Tuesday afternoon. I was able to get some paperwork and cleaning done that I'd been putting off, and they all had fun spending time with Grandmom and Aunt Lynette and Uncle Dave.

One of my projects while they were gone was a new re-vamp of our chore chart. One of this year's seminars at the homeschool convention, suggested using clothespins and I did some "tweaking" and came up with a system that is working pretty well for us. Hopefully I'll find time, soon, to give you the details on that.

The girls continue to love playing with all the kittens. And we've had some lovely, cool days that make it a joy to just sit outside cuddling kittens, so they've done quite abit of that :)

Last fall the older girls went with Rodney to his office's "fall clean-up day" and ended up spending part of the day weeding the patio flower beds. In the process, they discovered that there used to be a small pond off the patio, that had been filled in at some point. They convinced the treasurer, who they were helping, that he should clear out the pond and re-do it. So he's been working on that recently. One day last week we went over to the office to see the progress. The people working on it, ended up letting the big girls help with choosing just the right rocks to put on the bottom, they worked out there for quite awhile, then came inside and Mr. Ron showed them various fish on the computer that he was considering, and had them help him calculate how many fish would fit in that sized pond and such. They had fun, and learned some math and stuff.

While the big girls helped build the pond, Little Bit discovered a wall an some stepping stones and spent forever walking, jumping, hopping, etc. back and forth on the wall and stepping stones.

I think I mentioned last week that we'd decided to skip over westward expansion in history to get to the civil war sooner, in keeping with that, we've been learning lots as we read books, and listen to audio stories, about what slavery was like.

We're wrapping up our last bit of Old Testament notebooking for Bible. I was planning to switch to Polished Cornerstones in another week or so, but we're on the list to review another Bible curriculum, so think I'll hold off and we'll use that before starting Polished Cornerstones.

Another current fun review item is a handheld wide-field microscope. The girls are having tons of fun looking at everything from kitten paws to dead bugs to the weave of their clothes :) So plenty of hands-on science is happening here.

Little Bit continues to love her Letter of the Week learning, I need to do a catch-up post on that.

I also haven't forgotten that I still need to do a post about the rest of our "field trips" at Mama and Papa's house.

But for now, that's a quick wrap-up of what we've been doing around here.

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catholic traveller said...

It is so nice to see little girls in dresses! They look so sweet;)