Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up - June 11

Hmmm . . . what DID we do last week?

We played with the Discovery Scope. We played with kittens. . . . yeah that took up alot of our week LOL.

Sassy and MiniMe got to go along when Rodney's boss went to get fish for the pond at the office. They thought that was pretty cool!

We're reviewing several things right now.

Sassy is reviewing another math program (long story short, it had gotten set up for one student, and since I knew they were kind of burned out on math anyway, I decided to just have Sassy, who's shown more interest in math recently) do it, rather than go to the hassle of figuring out how to add an additional student)

We're reviewing a typing program.

I was all set to start our "new year" of Bible, but then we got a chance to review a Bible curriculum, so we're reviewing it before starting the "new year".

So that, combined with our on-going history, and of course, the discovery scope, has kept us busy.

Little Bit continues to enjoy her "school", and asks for it often.  Her new thing is to finally start enjoying being read to. It's never been her thing, but something finally clicked and she's enjoying it now.

We enjoyed a very interesting audiobook for history, but most of the time lately we've been enjoying Adventures in Odyssey tapes in the car.

And I guess that's about it around here . . . a quiet week, which is always nice. Especially when the weather's pretty nice and there are kittens to cuddle :)

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