Sunday, July 15, 2012

Field Trips & Farms

I'm not even going to bother with the mundane details of the last couple weeks, when we were home we were doing normal home stuff, but we weren't home a whole lot.

Two weeks ago, we spent a day at the Crayola Experience with our friends E&J. Their mom and I had both gotten discounted tickets that were getting ready to expiring, so we made a day of it and all went together. When I first got the tickets I told myself that I'd make sure we went before the school year was out, but obviously that didn't happen, I SOO wish it had, even during the week, it was CHAOTIC there. Thankfully my big girls are big enough to help keep track of the littles, and to go off on their own when what they wanted to do was different from what Little Bit wanted to do, so it all worked out. The kids all had fun, and thanks to the discounted tickets, we got our money's worth. I wouldn't recommend it on a weekend, or for a mom to go alone with multiple LITTLE children, too easy for kids to run off and get quickly lost in the crowd.

Some highlights were, playing with clay that you could color on with markers.

Painting and making "binoculars":

And "Doodle in the Dark" (drawing with glow-in-the dark dry erase markers on lighted boards in a dark(ish) room).

It was a fun day! I'm glad we did it, I doubt we'll go back :) 

The rest of that week was spent getting the 0-4 yr old room at church changed over from being an "ocean" to being a "farm".  I was happy with how it turned out, and the kids seem to be enjoying it. I haven't taken any pictures though, will try to remember to take some next week.

This past week we made a quick trip to Pittburgh with Rodney (he needed to go for work, the girls & I went for the museums, and pool LOL). So that'll be another field trip post coming soon, because I'm tired and this post is getting long.

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