Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pittsburgh - Part 2

Our second day in Pittsburgh we had a hard time deciding what to do. We could either stay at the hotel all day, swim and such, and just let Daddy have the car, OR we could spend a LOT of time in the car, taking him to his client, and picking him up when he was done, but then we'd have the car in between to go to the Children's Museum. The challenge was that it was a LONG drive from his client to the Children's Museum, and he wasn't expecting to have to be there until 6pm, like he had the day before (different client, shorter drive, but still . .. ) So, I warned the girls that we would be in the car a lot, and might not have very long at the museum, but in the end, we chose to go. And even though we were only there for a couple hours, I'm glad we did, all 3 girls love this museum so so so much! We never moved beyond the "art" area, but that's ok too.

Little Bit was definitely more into this year, she loved the painting, and painted at least 3 or 4 "paintings".

The big girls love this area, always have. I wondered if they might be "outgrowing" it, they've been abit less craft-obsessed lately at home. But no, they loved it the same as always, jumping right in as if they owned the place. Here's some of what all three of them spent their time doing:

Paper Collages

Little Bit enjoyed the clay.

MiniMe made SEVERAL pieces of handmade paper, and got Little Bit in on it too. Here's Little Bit ladling the liquidy paper "goop" into the papermaking frame.

And here's MiniMe turning the wheel to squeeze all the water out.


Little Bit enjoyed the "building" thing . . . big pieces of wood and plastic with hole in it, and then tons of nuts & bolts to use to put them together, or just put through the holes.

A huge hit, and new since last time we were there, was SEWING!! There were tons of fabric scraps and needles and thread and pins and . . . I'm not sure what else. Once the big girls discovered that, they spent the rest of their time there. Even stayed there, sewing, while I took Little Bit to the cafe for a snack.

So that was our time at the Children's Museum. Definitely worth going, even with all the driving it involved! And since we're listening to Uncle Tom's Cabin in the car, extra driving time is "useful" (that is one freaking LONG book!!! The audiobook is SIXTEEN CDs long!!!)

The next day dh just had a quick stop at a nearby treasurer's and then we were heading home, so the girls and I just stayed at the hotel, packed, did some school, and of course . . . went SWIMMING!

And then, when dh got back to the hotel, we loaded up and headed home. 

One more fun tidbit/picture and then I'll stop boring y'all. In preparation for the trip to Crayola, I had to REALLY clean the car, so that we could all ride together. That meant actually making room for 3 kids on the back bench. While I was at it, since we'll be towing our minivan behind my parents' motorhome during a trip next month, I figured I might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone and do a thorough job all around. And in the process, I managed to find the headphones for the DVD system. So on this trip, Little Bit discovered the "fun" of listening to her "TV" on the headphones. Much to the delight of the big girls, since it mean they (we) could continue listening to Uncle Tom's Cabin while she watched Letter Factory (over and over and over and over . . . ). Isn't she cute riding along wearing her headphones LOL.

So that was our trip to Pittsburgh. Now we're back home and trying to get back on top of the housework and not melt in this HEAT, and such.

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