Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up - July 29

Another week here at home (yay!). It's been HOT with thunderstorms, so we've been inside most of the time.

Continuing to enjoy lots of read aloud time. . . some more work on straightening the girls' room, though not as much as I might wish.

We found a new batch of kittens this week. I figured there were some somewhere, maybe. Last month I noticed the 3rd stray cat looked pregnant and then got REALLY skinny. But she's been hanging around quite abit, seems to go in all directions when she leaves here, and the time the girls tried to follow her to see if she'd lead them to her kittens, as soon as she noticed them following her, she came and started rubbing around their legs (we've named her "Lady Underfoot" (after reading about a cat named "Lord Underfoot" in a book) because she likes to be right. under. our. feet!). So, kind of like one of the earlier batches, I wasn't sure if the kittens had survived because the mama seemed to be around the house so much.

So anyway, after one of the thunderstorms, Rodney had asked the girls to take the wagon and go along the private road that leads to our driveway and gather some of the branches that had fallen, to get them off the road and so we'd have them to use for our Fri night firepit. While doing that, they heard the kittens up near the barn, and found 3 kittens, a long-haired black, and 2 calicoes. So, since Daddy "gave" the one surviving kitten from the earlier batches to Little Bit, Sassy is "campaigning" to get to keep one of these calicoes as "her" cat. I'm leaving that to be worked out between her & Daddy.

Friday evening was a fun, but bittersweet time. We enjoyed dinner with our neighbors (who are moving away in Aug) and our Pastor & his wife (who are moving away in 2 days), they will all be missed SOOOO much, so while we loved spending time together, visiting, and eating yummy food, it was also sad to think that we weren't likely to all be together again. Proof of how much Pastor Mike and Miss Linda will be missed, before the evening was over all 3 of our girls were on their laps or hanging over the back of their chairs and Pastor Mike was teaching the big girls about the geography of Michigan (yesterday a storm was coming through so we turned on the weather channel and MiniMe immediately could point out Michigan on the weather map and said "hey, I see the mitten!" LOL) :)

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