Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Oct 14

We had a pretty quiet week for once, mostly "forced" because the rash that kept Little Bit and I home from church last week, kept getting worse (I finally, on Friday, identified it as ring worm, so now we are hopefully moving in the right direction). But, quiet isn't all bad (itchy, fussy baby is though! And I don't care how "big" she acts most of the time, when she's uncomfortable, she's my baby!).

Before the rash got too bad to go anywhere, we did have fun last Sunday.

When we first found out we'd be studying about Knights & Nobles, we've been planning to go to the Renaissance Faire, but as you may have noticed, we've been kind of  busy. We actually planned to go on Labor Day, but it was too rainy. So now we were down to the wire, so to speak . . . we had last Sunday or today as our only options. At first I checked weather, saw 40% chance of rain on (this past) Sunday and figured we'd wait & go today. But then, that morning, we looked at the extended forecast and the hourly forecast, and decided that that day was our better gamble, so we went! At that point Little Bit's rash was still mostly on her legs so a pair of leggings covered them (protecting them from dirt and making her look "normal" LOL. Though she had one just starting on her nose that made it look like she had a bloody nose, sigh . .. anyway . . . we decided to go.

Little Bit seemed to have fun, one of the biggest challenges was some of the sores on her legs made it uncomfortable for her to be carries, so she had to walk all day. She had fun playing "chess" while her sisters played checkers.

She wanted NOTHING to do with the joust, so we left big sisters and Daddy to enjoy that and we went and found a rock wall to walk on (seriously, I think she spent most of the joust walking back & forth on that silly wall, but she loved it).

The big girls were excited to try "tiger pie" for lunch. Can I tell you how THRILLED I was to look in the program booklet and find vegetarian options clearly marked!!! SOOOOO helpful!!! So, upon determining that "tiger pie" was, indeed, vegetarian, as long as one chose the mushroom option (as opposed to beef or chicken), they had to try it, and declared it delicious! It was a pastry with sauteed mushrooms in it and then a scoop of mashed potatoes and a spoonful of mashed peas on top. The girls were bound and determined to eat something that at least MIGHT have been somewhat authentic, so that was their choice. The rest of us, being less concerned with authenticity, went for plain old pizza LOL.

Poor Little Bit, since being held wasn't comfortable, snuggling on my lap during a show and taking her nap wasn't an option and, much as she insists she HATES naps, she does still need at least a short one. Finally, during the human chess game, she wrapped my baby carrier wrap around herself like a blanket, and stood facing the bench, bent at the waist and laid her head/chest on the bench, and fell asleep that way!! I should have thought to have dh take a picture (I was worried her legs would buckle so I kept a hand hovering over her in case I needed to catch her). DH & the big girls went off to do other things when the show was over and I was going to just stay there with her, but wouldn't you know it, THAT is when the rain decided to start (for a few minutes), sigh . . . I picked her up, hoping she'd stay asleep, she didn't, and opted to walk, though fussed teh whole time. Thankfully, nearby we found a covered area with picnic tables, not sure what it was for, but it was deserted except for a grandmother with her two little (baby & toddler) granddaughters so I decided to go with "easier to ask forgiveness than permission, and went to one of the tables, figured if we weren't supposed to be there someone could tell us LOL). Little Bit immediately got in the exact same position on the picnic table bench, I even suggested she put her feet up so she'd be completely laying on the bench (still would have needed my hand hovering ready but at least she would have been more comfortable, in theory anyway), but she would have none of it. And she went RIGHT BACK to sleep! Poor baby! Slept till Daddy & sisters came back with a snack, then joined us in eating it LOL.

Perhaps the highlight for the big girls was meeting the "queen". We went into a little shop and the shop owner pointed out that the queen was having her supper on the shop's covered patio. She (shop owner) assured the girls that the queen would love to meet them, so they went out and said hi. The queen did seem to thoroughly enjoy it, and talked to them for quite awhile.

Little Bit was pretty much done with the day by that point and was probably rather confused as to why this woman was dressed so funny, so she just stood and kind of glared at her. The queen took that as a challenge and spent a good bit of time trying to convince her to turn around and smile so Daddy could take a picture. In her attempts (which never did work), she offered to let Little Bit wear her hat, and when Little Bit refused, Sassy and MiniMe ended up wearing the queen's hat and one of her ladies in waiting's hat, respectively. Little Bit just kept glaring LOL.  Oh well, such is life :)

Much to the big girls' annoyance, it started raining pretty steadily around 5:30 and the thought of hanging out in the cold rain until 6:00 for the final joust when chances were they'd CANCEL said joust because of the rain and the danger of jousting in mud, we went ahead & left. The girls were sooo annoyed, but got over it.

So that was our fun this week.

Monday Daddy was going to pick up some used computers that he'd arranged with his former employer to get for the schools he now audits. He took the big girls with him and had great fun "showing them off" to his former co-workers, most of which hadn't seen the girls since they were 2 or 3. They finished off the day by going to our all-time favorite Chinese restaurant for supper. They did bring some back for Little Bit and me :)

The rest of the week we did a little school, alot of just keeping Little Bit from being too miserable or scratching too much. Thankfully Daddy was able to work from home on Thursday so he could stay with Little Bit while I took MiniMe to her piano lesson.

I decided to keep Little Bit home from church again this week too. Sassy was thrilled because it meant SHE got to lead in Sabbath School too (MiniMe did it last week).

And after lunch on Sabbath, Daddy took the big girls to Grandmom's house. Originally his plan had been to take all 3 girls, and he decided to take them down after church on Sabbath and bring them back this afternoon. The timing was planned such so that Little Bit could nap both ways. But she's still pretty miserable and not sleeping worth anything (and sleeping at least part of the night with me, so sissies can get some sleep), so she stayed home with me and just Daddy and the big girls went. I hear rumors that he might take them BACK to our favorite Chinese restaurant this afternoon before he comes home,sigh . . . must be nice! :)

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