Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Wrap up October 22

In case you didn't guess from the lack of blog activity, life is busy again still.

Once I figured out that Little Bit's rash was ringworm and began treating it accordingly with a mixture of coconut oil, lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, they dried down quickly. They are still blotchy, but soooo much better than it was.

Saturday afternoon Rodney had taken the big girls to his mom's house and they didn't come home till Sunday evening, so Little Bit and I just kind of hung out on Sunday.

Most of the week was filled with packing for our next trip and homeschooling (while the reviews have been quiet this last week, we have a BUNCH that we are using now and I'll get to write reviews while we are traveling).

We did take some time to play at the park with friends and while we were there, find a geocache that was hidden there. 

Another evening a neighbor came over and played soccer with Sassy and MiniMe for awhile.

Friday the traveling began again. We were going to my parents' house, but now that Miss Judy isn't our neighbor anymore she lives about halfway between our house and Mama and Papa's house, so we stopped and visited her for awhile on our way.

We spent a fun weekend celebrating My grandma's 95th birthday. My aunt and uncle were there too. And so were my cousin, D and his girlfriend, and my cousin, J with her toddler. So all of Grandma's great grandchildren were together. Little Bit had great fun not being the littlest, and C didn't seem TOO overwhelmed by all my hoodlums. All 4 kids joined together to make a banner, and hanging balloons around it (with help from Cousin Dennis and Emily)

Little Bit helped by handing Sissies the balloons, with a little help from Cousin Dennis
Helping Grandma open presents

So that was our weekend.. And now we are off on more adventures, but they will have to wait for another post.

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