Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weekly wrap-up Sept 30

Ok, so I'm a few days late, sigh . . . .life has been busy, again . . . Or maybe, still.

Last week was mostly filled with packing and preparing for our trip. 

We squeezed in a piano lesson on Wed, before we left, then left bright and early (well, for us anyway), Thursday morning.

Our destination that day, was Columbus, OH, about an 8 hr drive. I'd prepared for the trip with lots of activities for Little Bit (maybe I will do a whole post detailing those sometime), and they were soon helpful. The iPad was a lifesaver, too. Little Bit spent a good part of the trip playing on it. One of her current favorites is a game where she puts toppings on a pizza and then "feeds" it to the person. If she has put normal toppings on, the person says, yum or some such, but if she has put green slime and bananas and cookies and such on it, the person turns green and says "blech" this is, apparently much more entertaining, so guess what we heard over and over and over lol.

 Nevertheless we arrived without incident and settled into our hotel. 

Friday we went to COSI science museum. We hadn't been there for several years, and were excited to go back. So fun!

There was a new Lego castle exhibit, fit nicely with our Knights and Nobles unit, hee hee.

Little Bit enjoyed the outside maze and all 3 girls had fun playing checkers.

MiniMe's favorite was the 1960's soda shop.
Also in the 1960 area was a mechanical toy for a dime (rigged to return your dime). Little Bit loved getting to ride it over and over.

Besides that the girls played with building toys, I think MiniMe and Little Bit are building a bridge in the picture, and spent forever in the space area, Little Bit found a thing that was supposed to be teaching about orbits, I think, but it was rolling small balls around in circles, and she spent hours (more or less) playing with that. Meanwhile the older girls, and Daddy, were busy learning how to land a space shuttle or somesuch.

All in all, a fun day!

The next day we drove the last few hours to visit Great Grandpa Hess, Rodney's grandpa, in Indiana. 

Grandpa was thrilled to see us, and had a whole menagerie of stuffed animals for Little Bit to choose from, she was in heaven! He lives right on a lake and the weather was lovely, so we spent lots of time outside. Little Bit's favorite was throwing sticks in the lake. The big girls (and I) were excited to see the swans who live on the lake swim by.

So that was last week. I the interest of getting this posted before THIS week is over, I'll save the rest of our trip for another post.

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