Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap up Nov 4 (a few days late)

Our travel adventures continued all this past week.

So last Sabbath we drove from Tampa to Orlando. Sunday we spent at Aquatica, the Busch water park. Little Bit happily spent the day in the wading pools while the big girls made sure to ride all the biggest slides, and spent a couple hours in the wave pool.

Monday we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom. We had figured the big girls would spend a little while doing things with Little Bit and then head off to some of the "big kid stuff" but we ended up all spending the day at Magic Kingdom. Little Bit's favorites were Small World, the carousel, and the Jungle Cruise.

Tuesday and Wednesday we spent at Sea World. Little Bit wouldn't pet the sting rays but loved seeing the baby ones. The big girls continue to love petting the sting rays though. Little Bit's favorite show, by far was the dog and cat show. Shamu was so loud and so much just lights and pictures on the screen that she would lose interest and not be watching by the time the orcas DID do something, so she didn't get into it like her sisters did the first year we went (I understand they can't be in the water with them after what happened a couple years ago, but I wish they would skip all the video and loud music and just show us what the Orcas CAN do).

I also had to laugh, Little Bit's favorite part of the shark exhibit wasn't the sharks swimming right over our heads, it was the moving floor that we stood on while going through the shark tank lol.

Thursday we had planned to go to Epcot and Hollywood studios, but all 3 girls and Papa had colds, so we decided not to spend the money on a Disney day when people weren't feeling good. We spent time at the time share play ground, and mini golf, and then went back to Sea World (since our Sesame Place season passes get us into all Busch parks, it's free) and watched some of our favorite shows again.

Friday we finished the week like it began, at Aquatica.

And Sabbath we began our journey home. We stopped at a couple forts along the Florida coast on our way up. Didn't take time to do junior rangers, though at one fort the ranger gave us the books and said we could mail it back and they would send us the badges, but toured the forts and such.

So that was our week, now we are continuing our journey toward home, and back to reality lol. 

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