Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly Wrap up Oct 28

(I wrote this on the 28th, but then couldn't get the iPad to connect to the internet so I could get it OFF the iPad to post, so here it is, a few days (or a week) late . . . )

Traveling is fun, but exhausting.

Sunday we celebrated Grandma's 95th birthday.

Monday morning, my parents, the girls, and I began our journey. And by that evening we were in Georgia.  Long day, but the girls continue to be awesome travelers.

Tuesday was a shorter day, driving. And we broke it up by visiting Andersonville national park in the middle. The girls earned their Junior Ranger, and we all got lots of wiggles out walking around the former pow camp. 

Wednesday we took some time to enjoy the pool before heading the rest of the way to Tampa.

Thursday we headed to Busch Gardens. Last time we went the big girls were in a kind of in-between spot where they weren't big enough for most of the roller coasters but were beyond the little kid rides. This year they made up for it. They were the PERFECT height, just a tad under 56". The little kid stuff mostly had a max height of 56", so the girls could ride those with Little Bit. But they were also tall enough for all the roller coasters. And, over the course of 2 days, rode on every roller coaster there lol.

Little Bit's favorite thing was a moon bounce type thing in the Sesame St part.

Thursday the park was empty, it was awesome!

That night Rodney flew down and came with us on Friday. It was busier than Thursday but still not bad.

And finally, before heading out, we visited DeSoto National Park. It is all about the Spanish explorer DeSoto who explored Florida, etc. We were kind of frustrated because they were doing some Halloween thing there that evening and had covered up most of the museum, and some of the outside displays with Halloween stuff. Even if we liked Halloween, I'd have been annoyed. When I go to a historic site I want to see the history! If I want to go to a "haunted house" most towns have several. But such is life. . . Aside from that, the junior ranger was REALLY cool. The books were a beautiful color book, and for one of the activities they gave the kids each a small, working compass (to keep), and the activity was to follow the map and go on the nature walk and record various directions at certain points. The girls loved it.

So that was our busy week. I do have pictures, but I haven't figured out how to add pictures to blog posts from my iPad so I will have to post them later.

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