Saturday, March 23, 2013

Check this Out!

I recently read about this on a homeschool list I'm on, and had to share it! Educents is yet another discount site (like Groupon and the gazillions of others out there), but THIS one is for "educational products", what more could a homeschooler ask for??? And for those who don't homeschool, I bet there will be fun, educational products on this site to help keep your kids from whining about being bored this summer :)

It's hard to know exactly how useful this will be until it launches, but it doesn't seem like it can hurt to sign up (except maybe a few junk e-mails LOL). So here's the site again:

If you sign up before it launches, you get $10 to use once it launches. If you sign up through this link, I get credit somehow-or-other :) So, check it out, sign up, see what you think.

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