Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: March 17

I thought I'd mix things up abit and try doing my wrap-up as a "journal" this week, blogging along with the Homeschool Mother's Journal link-up.

In my life this week:

I'm excited to have shelves in my banister (starting to put books ON those shelves is on today's to do list, I had to wait for the stain to thoroughly dry).

The shower is DONE (except for drywall on the other side of the wall, but that doesn't affect usefulness.

Dad got the basic frame of the girls' bed done this week too! It still needs a bookcase headboard, and something at the foot (probably another bookcase) to keep them from banging into the corners, but we can use it, so now we can slide the twin mattress under it during the way,woo-hoo! 

In our homeschool this week:

We started our spring unit for Little Bit's Waldorf curriculum. She seems to be more into the books for this unit, and I included more active things in circle time, which is keeping her attention better. Getting to paint was a big draw too LOL.

We're doing a bunch of science right now, reviewing two different science curriculum-type-things, plus the nature portion of Little Bit's curriculum that is rather science-like and the big girls insist on participating in.

Our studies in Astronomy this week included learning about the phases of the moon, so of COURSE we had to have a visual aid! And what better way to illustrate the phases of the moon than with Oreos?

Things I'm working on: 

Planning the girls' birthday meal next Sabbath. Getting ready for Passover. The never-ending task of unpacking and organizing things.

I'm cooking:

My big "kitchen project" right now is my newly acquired milk kefir grains, and a room-temperature yogurt culture. I'm hoping to write a whole post about those soon, but for now I'll just say that I'm LOVING working with kefir grains. Little Bit is thrilled to have plenty of "milkshakes" and "popsicles" made with the kefir. The yogurt, I'm still trying to get figured out and decide if we like the flavor, but we shall see . . .

We also made challah bread for Shabbat this week, for the first time in FOREVER! We made whole wheat, honey-sweetened challah and the children declared it BETTER than the store-bought. Now to get organized enough to make it every week! 

I'm grateful for:

Soooo much!!! I'm grateful for all that my dad has done to help get this house into shape. I'm grateful that spring is coming (even if I AM looking out at snow on the ground today). I'm grateful to have found a house that not only meets our needs, wonderfully, but is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from close friends! It was soo fun yesterday to spur-of-the-moment eat supper together! I love it! 

A Photo to Share: 

Reading for Quiet Time

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're getting some of your DIY projects out of the way!

I have a science-lover, so the new products you're trying sound like fun to me. I love the picture of your daughter reading during quiet time.

The bread looks wonderful. I do a lot of experimenting in my kitchen too. My younger daughter can't have milk, eggs, or wheat. Making things from scratch is cheaper and, most of the time, tastes better!