Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - March 26

Crazy weekends don't leave much time for writing blog posts. And last week was abit of a crazy week too LOL.

Monday we had LOTS of excitement! Despite the fact that it is SUPPOSED to be spring, it was snowing.  I was busy organizing the school room when Rodney called up to me from the living room. A car had just slid into a tree in our front yard! I called 911 while he went out to check on the driver. The driver was sore, but not seriously injured. The girls thought it was terribly exciting to be able to watch the firemen and tow truck and everything.  MiniMe grabbed her ipod and took a video, until her battery ran out LOL.  Sassy was horrified to realize she couldn't find HER ipod, and begged me to let her use my phone to take pictures. Once the rescue stuff was here, so I knew I wouldn't need to call 911 (or answer a call if they somehow had trouble finding it) I let her take a "few" pictures. Sure is a good thing we don't have to actually pay for film and developing anymore, we'd go broke LOL.

Wednesday was our friend, E's 6th birthday. He had his party at Ballocity, and a great time was had by all! Ballocity is the ONE place I've been to in the 5+ years that I've worn skirts, that it does NOT work well to wear a skirt (at least as an adult, most of it is crawling-height (though Little Bit could still stand up in alot of it) and crawling in a skirt just doesn't work well). So in preparation for the party this year (E's party was there last year too) I went to Goodwill and got a pair of jeans.  MiniMe decided she wanted jeans too (Sassy tends to wear knit dresses with leggings under them, which works fine for crawling, MiniMe tends to wear longer denim skirts, and doesn't like to wear tights or leggings, so crawling would be more challenging in her clothes). The girls told me I looked "weird" in jeans LOL. And MiniMe was NOT impressed with wearing jeans at all LOL, but it worked well for the day. I actually managed to find a pair that fit ok, and is pretty comfortable, so I figure I'll wear them from time to time.  It really made me realize how much Little Bit has "grown up" in the past year. Last year she was still a "baby", needing me with her all the time, and, while she had fun, not "getting" most of it. This year, she liked to have me come in with her, but took off on her own alot of the time, loved the slides and shooting balls and such.

MiniMe's cake

Thursday was cake-decorating day! Little Bit had been saying, for awhile, that she wanted a "Joy the Cat" cake for her birthday, so I went hunting for EASY black cat cakes and discovered an ice cream cake that looked do-able, and bonus, she's not a big fan of cake, so ice cream was better anyway. THEN the big girls heard about it, and decided THEY wanted ice cream cakes too. So we rounded up 3 springform pans (thanks to generous friends & family who were willing to loan them out) and bought WAY more candy than I normally buy in 6 months, and the kids got busy.
Sassy's Cake

My dad got better pictures than I did, but here's what I managed to remember to snap (apparently I didn't manage to get Little Bit's cake at all, sigh . . . eventually I'll get a picture of it from Dad, or from someone who was at the party.

Friday was preparation day for the party on Sabbath. In the morning we took something over to our neighbor, and Little Bit got busy playing with E & J. Their mom said she was home all day, and Little Bit was welcome to stay and play, so I gave her that option, fully expecting her to refuse, earlier in the week she had completely melted down at the very thought of me going to a meeting, leaving her home with Mama, Papa, both sisters AND Daddy. But, she just glanced up and said "I'll stay here. Are Sissies staying too?" When I said that they were coming with me to help clean, she just said "ok, I'll stay". And she stayed until naptime! So that gave the big girls and I a chance to clean and work on food for Sabbath.

Sabbath morning, Sassy had a stomach ache, so she and Daddy stayed home while I took MiniMe and Little Bit to Sabbath School.

Sabbath afternoon was our "party". All the grandparents, Aunt Lynette & Uncle Dave, plus our "adopted" grandparents, Judy & Brian were able to come, so we had a house full! But it worked. I was rather nervous about fitting everyone in, but between the table, and 2 card tables filling the living room, it worked. Little Bit was VERY into presents, and "helped" her big sisters with all of theirs too. I decided this is definitely an advantage of having them farther apart in age, Sassy and MiniMe are old enough to not care about letting her open their gifts too.

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