Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up - June 16

How in the WORLD is June half over already? For that matter, how is it JUNE already? Sigh . . . life moves too fast . . .

So anyway, our week . . .

Sunday we did school and played outside and . . . I guess that was it, because I don't remember anything else about the day LOL.

Monday we watched E & J all day. It was a rainy day, which adds a challenge since this house doesn't lend itself to wild indoor play and that many children not able to get the big wiggles out is . . . challenging. But God is AWESOME and stopped the rain right on schedule for our morning outside time, and again for a few short breaks in the afternoon.

One of the challenges of watching them all day is that J still normally naps, but I don't really have anywhere I can put him down for a nap. So we've just been doing an afternoon "quiet time" where all 3 littles watch a tv show so they at least get some "veg time". My hope was that he, and sometimes, Little Bit ,would fall asleep while watching tv, but it never happened. BUT, around 5:00, the littles were watching Magic Schoolbus and I walked through the room and saw this :)

Actually when I first walked through, Little Bit and E were on the sofa too, but then the tv show was over and they went off to play.

Monday evening my parents came up, so that on Tuesday we could take their motorhome over to campmeeting. Thankfully Monday's rain was (mostly) over, and we were able to get the motorhome parked and set up without too much trouble. Then we went over to play on the swings there for a little while before heading home. The swings are "old" and go much higher than the swings at most playgrounds, so all 3 girls enjoyed it :)

There were still big puddles under the swings from all the rain, but we worked around it.

Wednesday was uneventful. We did school and got things ready for campmeeting and just kind of had a laid back day :)

Thursday was music lessons and errands. I think, with the realization that campmeeting meant missing a violin lesson, Sassy ALMOST considered skipping at least that one day of campmeeting LOL. She didn't do it, but it was a close call for her :) I love that the girls are loving their music so much!!

Rodney's project on Friday was mowing. When Mom and Dad came up to take the motorhome over to campmeeting earlier in the week, they also brought us an extra riding lawn mower from their house, for us to use since our lawn here is abit much for a push mower, though it's good exercise LOL. BUT something wasn't working right. Rodney and our neighbor, Brian, spent a good part of Friday figuring it out, but finally did, and Rodney got the whole yard (on this side of the creek) mowed, including the really overgrown area behind the garage that he hadn't bothered to attempt with the push mower.

Friday afternoon, while Rodney was mowing, the girls and I headed up to campmeeting, got the big girls, and Mama and Papa all settled into the motorhome, ate supper with them, then they headed off to meetings and Little Bit and I headed home.

Sabbath Little Bit and I headed back up to campmeeting for Sabbath School and church. This year she's in Kindergarten, though I haven't moved her at our church. I wasn't sure how she'd do with it, and I'm still not. She wasn't overly impressed with it for Sabbath School and church, but that's a LONG program (3 hours) and there were more kids, so alot of time was spent just kind of managing kids, which meant some "boring" time for kids who were already managed (since I was with her, I could quickly get her, and keep her, sitting in her seat when they asked, then significant time was spent as the leader and helpers tried to get the kids whose parents weren't there (for Kindergarten (age 4-6) campmeeting, parents can drop their kids off/pick them up, or stay with) to sit down, as asked) . . . when we first left church, she said she wasn't going to any more meetings. And had no interest in going to her afternoon meeting (which I didn't push, since, while she rarely naps, she DOES still get  . . .less adaptable . . . late in the afternoon so a 3:45 meeting seemed like not a good idea unless she REALLY wanted to go to it). But that evening as we were getting ready to head home and the big girls were getting ready to head to their evening meeting, she asked about going to her meeting and I had to tell her she didn't have another meeting until Monday, so we shall see how Monday goes. The big girls are now in Juniors, and are loving it as much as ever :)

My other project throughout the week was putting together Sassy and MiniMe's third grade portfolios, ready to send into the state. I don't send any originals just in case they were to get lost in the mail or something, so my challenge is always how to include samples of art. So far my solution has been to lay out a sampling of each girls' art and take a picture. Last year I printed and included that picture in their portfolio. This year our color ink is wonky on the printer, so I just included a link to the pictures. But thought I'd also include the pictures here so you can see a brief sampling of their art (not necessarily their "best" more like, what I could lay my hands on quickly when I was ready to take the picture LOL).



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