Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - June 3

We had a good, if HOT week this past week.

Sunday we headed home from Mama and Papa's house.

I have to admit I'm drawing a complete blank on what we did Monday and Tuesday, so I guess it was just school as usual.

Wednesday was when the weather started to get HOT again. AND, on Wednesday, Penny had to work, so E & J were with us all day. We were continuing to learn about ladybugs, so for snacktime we made ladybugs.

The kids had fun with it, and it's a tasty, and healthy snack :) The picture below is of all 5 of them enjoying their ladybug snacks.

 By afternoon it was pretty hot outside, still bearable inside with the fans going, but the kids happily spent the last couple hours out in the creek.

That evening, my parents arrived. They brought the motorhome up, so it would be closer-by to take up to campmeeting (and so they'd have an air-conditioned place to stay for the couple days they were here LOL), and came so Dad could help us figure out what we wanted for window a/c units, and get them installed.

Thursday morning as I was coming back from my morning walk there was SOMETHING in the road in front of our house, but I couldn't figure out what it was until I got closer. When I got closer it was a BIG turtle. I wasn't sure if it was a snapping turtle or something else, but I knew it wasn't a box turtle. And I knew that I didn't want it to get smooshed right in front of our house, so I didn't want to leave it in the road. But I also didn't want to pick it up, not knowing what kind of turtle it was (plus it was all slimy/muddy). Conveniently my dad had apparently bumped the trunk button for his car so the trunk was ajar, and there was an empty plastic bag in the trunk. I decided to use that and come up behind the turtle to pick it up and move it off the road. It wiggled a LOT when I picked it up, so I just kind of tossed it into the grass (I don't do "critters" very well LOL). Then I went in to wake up the girls (it was close to the time they usually wake up anyway) and called Penny in case she wanted to bring the boys over to see it. E was still asleep, but she brought J over. I should have taken the picture before I moved it off the road, you could see it alot better on the road, and it's spiny tail was spread out then instead of tucked under, but I didn't think about it. There's a decent sized drainage ditch across the road from us, so I'm assuming that's where he lives. I was kind of concerned that, with him pointing toward the road, he'd go right back out in the road and still get hit, but when we went out to leave for music lessons a couple hours later he was gone, and not splatted in the road, so either he headed off in some other direction, or was successful in crossing the road.

Rodney said he thought it was a snapping turtle, and the girls googled for pictures and confirmed it, so we've now warned the kids to stay away from any turtles they might see while playing in the creek.

Thursday was a busy day of music lessons and a/c shopping, but by that evening we had an a/c unit in the girls' room. We had hoped that putting a unit upstairs, since heat rises, would be enough to cool the downstairs too, but it wasn't, so Friday Dad put a 2nd unit in the master bedroom. The 2 units are working nicely to keep the house comfortable.

Friday morning while Dad was working on the a/c, Rodney went out to mow the lawn, but MiniMe wanted to mow, so this is how Rodney "mowed" the lawn LOL. Meanwhile Sassy was busy playing with the little ones. Mama and MiniMe did a bunch of weeding as well.

Friday evening was the girls' recital. Sassy was SOOOOOOOO excited about her first recital LOL.

MiniMe was much more nonchalant about it all this time around. Both girls did well, individually and their duet. I wasn't sitting in a good spot to get pictures, but did manage to get one sort of ok picture of each of them.

So that was our week :)

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